Styling Dressier Pieces Into Casual Outfits

So I recently bought this midi skirt to wear for Valentine’s Day. I thought it was absolutely beautiful and felt like it would be perfect! Except I have the same dilemma every time I want to buy an outfit or item for an event or an occasion. I’m like, how much money do I want to spend on a piece that I’m only going to wear once or twice? Well, I decided the other day that there isn’t any reason that I can’t get creative and repurpose some of my dressier items into every day wear.



I think the key to doing this with any piece is to make sure all the other items you’re wearing are very casual. In doing that you’re really able to “dress down” the whole outfit.  Obviously this midi skirt is fairly dressy and would look amazing with heels and a deep-v tank top, sexy body suit, etc. But I also love how it looks with my $5 cotton crop and my sneakers.

I also think that we sometimes forget that just because we are wearing a nicer piece that the rest of our outfit and look doesn’t have to be a big production. I used to think that there had to be a separate occasion to wear one of my nicer or dressier pieces but there are really easy ways to incorporate your nicer items into your everyday wear. Like a cute pair of feels with your overalls, or just jeans and a tshirt. Or maybe you have a really simple outfit and you choose pair some of your nicer jewelry with it for the day. If you have items in your closet you should utilize them! Don’t just let them sit there! Get creative 😉



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*The exact skirt and shoes I’m wearing are sold out but I linked some very similar options & price points! Also this bag is Burberry and they don’t have this same style anymore, but linked some other similar designer looks.


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