Hair Care Tips: How To Get Longer, Healthier, & Just Amazing Hair!

Hey guys!

So, a lot of you said that you wanted a blog post sharing some tips on how to get your hair to grow faster, longer, and to just keep it healthy overall! Well, you’re in luck because I just visited my hair dresser recently and she gave me some great suggestions. So needless to say that these ones that I haven’t been doing will be added to my regimen! First we will dive into a few hair care tips and then I’ll cover some favorite hair products.

Okay, let’s dive in. Tips for healthy and longer hair!

  1. Don’t let your ponytail hit your back when working out! Okay, let me explain. When you workout and put your hair in a ponytail, you don’t want the end of it hitting against your sweaty back! Doing so causes the ends of your hair to break. So you want to make sure you’re wearing a shirt or crop that covers your skin OR just put your hair up in a bun to prevent the ends from hitting your skin.
  2. Eat pineapple, avocado, and leafy greens like kale and spinach. All of these foods help with hair growth, especially the actual pineapple core! Also these are all rich in anti-oxidants so they will help keep your complexion glowing too.
  3. Do a coconut oil hair mask 1x a week. Coconut oil is great for  making your hair overall healthier. It helps with hair growth, strength, shine and hydration. It also helps treat dry scalp or eczema. You can warm up the coconut oil in the microwave first or just rub it between your fingers, and then apply to your dry hair from the root all the way down to the tips. You can do this on wet hair but I think that most people say applying it to dry hair is better. Once your hair is coated, put a shower cap over your head to let your hair absorb the oil. The easiest time to do this is before bed so your hair can be hydrated all night! When you choose to wash your hair though, make sure you’re rinsing 2-3 times to get out all the oil.
  4. Use Moroccan oil post washing your hair. This is something I have been doing for years! I love Moroccan oil and I can’t live without it (okay, maybe a little dramatic ;)) But really, I always put it on my hair after I wash it and especially concentrate putting it on the ends of my hair. It helps smooth your hair while keeping it hydrated and rich in antioxidants!
  5. Don’t rub your hair to dry it. When you first get out of the shower, don’t rub your hair between the two sides of the towel. Gently pat it dry to remove the excess water. Rubbing it causes it to break more easily.



Okay, now onto hair products. Some of these have been my favorites for years and others I haven’t tried yet but come highly recommended by my hair dresser who I 100% trust. I’ve been going to her for YEARS and have always been super happy with her hair recommendations!

  1. Top Shampoo Picks (I personally haven’t tried a lot of these but these are recommendations & descriptions come from my hairdresser, Melissa. I plan on purchasing one of these brands shortly so I can try 🙂 )

Monat. This is an all natural shampoo that is made with essential oils and restores your hair. They also have a shampoo system that regrows your hair using red clover extract as their main ingredient for accelerated hair growth. Apparently it works great for men as well as new moms who end up shedding all their hair that their scalps held onto during birth (evidently this process is called molting!) Melissa says this product is like the Rodan & Fields of hair. It is pricey but she says if this is what you’re looking for it’s well worth the investment. She said she has been using their hydration-RENEW and REVIVE volume shampoo and conditioner since July and it’s been amazing–it instantly thickens your hair. You can also mix their hydration and revive products to give your hair a nice balance with the hydration and volume (if your hair is already thick this may be a good option so your hair isn’t left too heavy). They also have a split end mender that keeps hair long and strong by sealing split ends to prevent further damage.

IGK. This is an all natural, vegan line which is moderately priced. Their products have super fun names like Sunday Funday (texture mousse), Rich Kid (coconut oil gel), beach club (an amazing smelling texture spray). Melissa’s only complaint bout these products is that the texture spray can kind of get heavy and build up in your hair more easily since it’s vegan. Their retail bottles are also small, plus she said that the lids get a pink ring around them so she has to wash them periodically. So there are the details on that line! Just trying to give you guys all the info 😉

-Moroccan Oil. So this brand is a personal favorite of mine as well! In general all their products smell amazing! Their hair masks are hydrating, and their shampoos are sulfate free (this is great especially if you have color treated hair), and all of their styling products are super weightless (hence why I am obsessed with their hairspray). For their hairspray I use their medium hold, and I just use their regular moroccan oil (their moroccan oil also comes in light which my sister uses since her hair isn’t as thick/heavy as mine).

VERB. This is a very decently priced brand-everything is $16 each. Their products are clean smelling and light. Melissa said she loves their salt spray–it’s great for using like a dry shampoo and keeps your waves extended for days.

-Gem Lights. This brand is great for blondes and girls with pastel/bright colored hair (this is the brand I used the other day after I got my hair done–I wanted my color to be a little blonder/brighter so I mixed this with my regular shampoo). They also make all kinds of toners for blondes in every shade and tone. I found this article which breaks down what shade of shampoo is best depending on your hair color.

Alright guys, I think that about covers everything?! Any questions leave them below and I’m happy to answer them!! xx C


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