The 411 On Microblading : Because Good Eyebrows Are Everything

Hey guys! So today we’re talking about eyebrows and how to get an amazing pair of them 😉 Laugh all you want but a good pair of brows will take you far in life. I mean, if your eyebrows are done well it can totally reframe your face and make you look 10x different (aka better). So how do you get some solid brows? KEEP READING.

Well for years I was using various products to fill mine in, and I also would get them threaded in order to keep my shape (which I much prefer over waxing). And don’t get me wrong, I really liked the overall look of my eyebrows after I filled them in but each day I had to gather up my 3 different products (will link what I used at the bottom of this post), and then spend 10 minutes filling them in. And yeah, while its not the end of the world (first world problems), how nice would it be to never have to fill in your eyebrows again? Cue microblading.

I had originally heard of microblading earlier this year from a co-worker who was getting hers done. I didn’t really know what it was but after hearing that your eyebrows look like they are naturally filled in but  you don’t actually have to fill them in– I was immediately into it–I was like I need this done now.

So before we get into the details of it, what exactly is microblading? Microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing technique that creates the illusion of natural, fuller eyebrows. Basically, small (micro) brush strokes of pigment are made in between your natural brow hairs so as a result your eyebrows looks naturally fuller and more dense. In doing this, your eyebrows can also be reshaped into a more flattering shape for your face. Since it’s semi-permanent it won’t last forever so if you decide to not keep up with it the pigment will just naturally fade away and you can go back to filling your brows in like normal. If you choose to keep up with it though, it’s my understanding that most people get touch ups 1-2 times a year. So yeah, very low maintenance.

First I want to show you guys some before and after photos then I’ll answer all your questions you sent in. These first photos are from my initial appointment with Natasha. And if you live in the RDU area, or even a couple hours away, I would highly recommend her. She did an incredible job and is just an awesome person! Plus, her prices are super reasonable. (You can check out more before and after examples of her work here).

So these photos are before and after my first session. Top section of each photo are my natural eyebrows (I think there is a little makeup on them from the night before lol) and then the bottom photos is after being microbladed. The last photo in this set is a picture Stephen took that day–just so you can see how they look on my entire face!




Processed with VSCO with e7 preset

Once the first session was done, I went back about 8 weeks later for my touch up. After this first touch up, I will now only go 1-2x a year to get them refilled. The photos below show the 8 week mark and then what they look like after the touch up–so, the top section of each photo is what my brows looked like 8 weeks after the initial session. The bottom is after the touch up. You can see that compared to my original photos that they are much more dense and full looking without any makeup on them. During this second appointment you can also decide if you want your brows to be darker, if you want certain areas fuller, etc.

Also, as a side note, you still get your brows waxed, threaded, and plucked because you still need to maintain the shape to a certain extent and get rid of those unwanted hairs that grow back in. You can clearly see in the photos that I did not thread in between my first session and touch up–whoops! Luckily, Natasha cleaned the strays up for me when I was there. But from now on I’ll pretty much maintain my normal threading schedule.



And then here are the photos from beginning to end.

First: Right before first appointment
Second: Right after first appointment
Third: Right before second appointment/touch up
Fourth: Right after second appointment/touch up


Also, here are some unfiltered photos of the brows–there are absolutely no products on them in these photos. But just so you have a better idea of what they look like overall on my face after the touch up.

Okay–so onto answering some of your guys questions! If I missed any, leave your questions in the comments and I’m happy to answer 🙂 But, I will link Natasha’s FAQ here. She covers in detail pretty much everything you need to know!

  1. I heard you can’t workout for a week after you get them done. Is this true? Pretty much. So basically you’re not supposed to do any intense workouts the first week because you’d be sweating into your new brows! I still worked out but I did lower intensity exercises where I wasn’t really sweating. Basically, I stuck to my weight routines because I don’t really sweat much during those:) But aside from that, the care during the first 7-10 days is pretty simple. No makeup on/around you brows during this time, and 2x a day you wash them with an anti-bacterial soap and then you apply a cream that they give you. That’s basically it. After that initial week you can go back to your normal routines.
  2. I have oily and/or sensitive skin. Can I get my eyebrows microbladed? From my understanding,  microblading works best on dry/normal skin. Sometimes with oily skin, or skin that is thinner or very fair, it is harder for the pigment to be retained. This doesn’t mean that you can’t get it done but you may require more than the just the 1 initial touch up, or more frequent touch ups than 1-2x a year. Like anything, it’s probably best to just check with whoever you are considering to do your brows.
  3. Does it hurt? Mmmm, a little bit but not too much! I wouldn’t describe it as painful, more so just kind of uncomfortable. A topical anesthetic is applied so the area is numbed. It just feels like tiny little scrapes being made across your brow area–that’s the best way I can describe it! I’ll put it this way–I always dread getting things like a bikini/Brazilian wax because I think they hurt so much. But, I definitely didn’t dread going back for my touch up.
  4. How much does it cost? So some places charge upwards of $500-1K+ which is crazy! I can see the $500 part but 1K is just ridiculous. If you live in the RDU area, luckily Natasha’s office is out of her house (and yes, she is blood borne pathogens certified and North Carolina Department of Health Services approved). So with that said, she is able to charge a much more reasonable price. She charges a total of $300 for the initial session and the touch up.
  5. I’m scared to get them done–what if they look terrible?! I feel like having a little hesitation is normal. I mean, anytime something is somewhat permanent you should know all your facts before moving forward! All I have to say is that as long as you do your research beforehand you should be good. When I came across Natasha, she had TONS of before and after photos which all looked amazing. Her website was very professional and her overall work experience made me feel at ease. So yeah, I would say that if you’re considering microblading to just make sure the person you’re going to has great reviews and amazing before and after photos. Since all of Natasha’s work looked incredible, I totally trusted her moving forward.

I hope this blog post was helpful if you’re considering microblading! If you’re in the RDU area or anywhere remotely close, I obviously recommend Natasha 🙂 If you guys have any other questions leave them in the comments and I’m happy to answer!

Oh, and if you aren’t ready to get your eyebrows microbladed just yet 😉 below are the products I used previously. I would use the MAC pencil on the tails of my eyebrows, and then follow up with the Brow Zings wax then powder both over the entire brow. In MAC I wear the color Lingering and in the Brow Zings I actually wear their lightest shade! Weird, I know lol.


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10 thoughts on “The 411 On Microblading : Because Good Eyebrows Are Everything

  1. I also got my eyebrows done by her and I think we are so lucky she is in our area. I agree that even if you have to drive a few hours, it would worth it to have them done expertly because they are on your face! And she is also the best priced. Usually you have to choose between one or another so it’s best of both worlds. If you are hesitant because she works out of her home, she has a private, dedicated room that posts her health department certificates and it’s like a room where you would get a massage or facial. I don’t know her personally and not receiving a discount to post this/ she doesn’t even know I am posting. This is my honest opinion because when I was searching for a place to get microblading done, there wasn’t much information especially in our area.

    1. Yes, I totally agree! I feel like some of the places are so expensive but then you’re like, well if its expensive and looking good versus reasonable and not looking the best they can…then you just don’t even want to get them done! But yes, Natasha was great and her set up is perfect. Thanks for your feedback and comment! So glad you had a good experience like me 🙂

  2. Hi! So since your not suppose to get them “wet” for 10 days, how do you go about washing your face? And when you wash it with anti bacterial soap do you get your eyebrows wet? Thanks!!! 🙂

    1. You can get them wet but you just don’t want sweat to be dripping into them! It’s okay if it’s clean water & anti bacterial soap 🙂

  3. You look fantastic! Along the lines of cosmetic procedures, would you ever be open to sharing your experience with breast augmentation? (understandable if not!)

    1. I would definitely be open to sharing! I’ve had a few questions about it but never knew if people wanted me to dive into the details! I can ask for some feedback on IG stories for questions or something along those lines! If you have any specific questions now you can always email me 🙂

  4. Hey! I’d be interested in what they look like a few months from now! I’m curious about like 6 months in, etc. I’ve been really considering microblading!

    1. So Natasha just posted a photo on her IG a few days ago of a year out! There is the photo of the year out vs. the touch up. Honestly the year out look amazing still!!

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