My Favorite Feature : My (Whiter & Stronger) Smile

We all have that one physical feature that we love most about ourselves, right?! Maybe it’s your hair, maybe it’s your strong legs, maybe it’s your eyes…it’s different for all of us! For me though, it’s always been my smile. What can I say, there is something about a good smile that I just love! I love how smiling can be contagious and how it can really make an impact on others, and obviously your own self-confidence 🙂

So last summer when I fainted, and LITERALLY fell on my face causing me to fracture my jaw in three places…one of my first thoughts was “Oh my god, my teeth…” Granted, I understand that physical attributes aren’t everything, but when you fall on your face and literally break your teeth it’s kind of hard to not think about. So yes, despite my fractured jaw, I broke a lot of my teeth in the process. I remember when I came to from fainting, I could literally feel pieces of my broken teeth in my mouth, and my built in retainer along with pieces of my teeth were on the floor in front of me. Yeah. I won’t go into any more detail than that–I think you guys get the picture! Not a good situation!

I’m sure that you can imagine that since then, “perfecting” my teeth again has been somewhat of a nightmare. Between having my jaw wired shut for 6 weeks followed by the countless root canals, crowns, dental’s been quite the road. One other thing that was particular bad was how sensitive my teeth were. I’ve never been one to have sensitive teeth, so in the past when Stephen or my sister have said how sensitive their teeth are, I never really understood the feeling. WELL NOW I KNOW THE FEELING lol.

With all that said, for the last year I have been on the path to getting my teeth back to normal! So, I’m sure you can guess that having white teeth again was on the to-do list. had always used Crest Whitestrips in the past but I was wary about using them again so soon after all the trauma my mouth went through…but I desperately wanted my teeth to be white again! Crest Whitestrips have always worked so well for me, so when I found they came out the NEW Crest 3D Whitening Therapy Collection that nourishes teeth to strengthen enamel, and also has a sensitivity care variant, I was really excited. Given everything that my teeth have been through, I felt like my prayers had been answered with a whitening line focusing on sensitivity and enamel! Okay, maybe a little dramatic BUT after so many teeth frustrations over the past year it was nice to feel like I had a solution to whiter and  stronger teeth 😀

So while I’m told that due to my jaw fracture my smile will never be “perfect,” and it will always be a little crooked…I’ve learned to get over it. Now it’s just a unique part of my smile that makes me, well, me. And, I can still rely on Crest whitening products for a brighter smile so that helps too 🙂 I’ve linked their new whitening products here so now you can #WhitenWithBenefits too 🙂 –for both sensitive and non-sensitiveteeth. They can be purchased at any major retailer (mine came from Target), and can also be found here 🙂

This post was sponsored on behalf of Target and Crest but as always, all opinions and thoughts are my own.


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