Balayage + Babylights : My Hair Color (And Routine)

So I guess my hair has been looking a lot better than usual because I’ve been getting a lot more questions about the length and color 😉 But hey, whatever I’ve been doing recently, I’m happy to get the compliments! With that said, today I just wanted to give you guys the run down of what my stylist does in terms of my coloring, how often I get it cut and colored, and then my go-to hair products that I feel like keep my hair nice and healthy!

Let’s start with the coloring. In a nutshell, I get a combination of balayage and babylights (don’t babylights sound so cute?!) hehe. Okay, getting back on track…so for those that aren’t familiar with balayage I like to think of it as a less severe or dramatic form of  ombre coloring. Ombre looks much more two toned where as the balayage technique more so blends with your natural color. It’s essentially a highlighting technique that leaves your hair looking multidimensional and keeps it looking natural. And then same goes for the babylights. They are like “micro” highlights that help create more depth and dimension to your hair, usually around your facial area. For those that want me to get even more  specific, this is verbatim what my hairdresser says she does for my hair (and anyone living in Wilmington, NC who wants her to do your hair I’m happy to give you her info 😉 ). Oh, and apparently I already have greys?! Keep reading haha, but okay she says:

“I finely weaved sections [of babylights] into your Mohawk area–basically the front, crown and back in between the sections and on top of each balayage painted area. Always lighter around the face. I concentrated around your hairline and part to break up whatever little grays you have and give longevity to your color overall. Basically your color will grow out beautifully and you can go longer between colors”

Okay, so speaking of growing out and going longer between colors…this is one thing I love about my hair color– it SO  low maintenance! I literally get my color done twice a year at the most–that’s it! Maybe even once every 8-9 months. I mean, getting your hair cut and colored frequently can get so expensive, and be time consuming! So this technique is super convenient and also very budget friendly. And just for your reference, I had my hair colored last in May and these photos were taken recently–so it’s been about 5 months since my last touch up. In terms of how often I get my hair actually cut, I usually just get it done twice a year. I sometimes get a third haircut, but all in all, I keep my cuts to a minimum. I feel like I keep it healthy enough in the interim that I don’t need frequent cuts, plus I am trying to grow my hair out a little longer so I try to only cut it when it really needs it!

On that note, let’s talk about what I’ve found to be helpful in keeping my hair healthy and growing it out! Some of you have asked if I have extensions, and I’m flattered, but nope! The only extensions I have are my eyelashes 🙂 As far as my hair goes, I only get it cut a couple times a year like I mentioned and just get a very  small trim. I basically just trim off what I need for my hair to be healthy so it can continue to grow. I also only wash it 2x a week. For all of you ladies that say, “I can’t do that because mine gets so oily!” Well, YOU’RE MAKING IT OILY BY WASHING IT ALL THE TIME! STOP!! hahah. No, but really. When you wash your hair continuously, your hairs reaction is to product more oil. So, you’re just casuing your hair to be that oily by always washing it! Make dry shampoo your best friend and start washing it less! Also, I’m not sure if this is a contributing factor or not, but I don’t ever brush my hair. Like, really. I don’t even own a hair brush LOL. I’ve read that over brushing your hair can cause damage, so for whatever that’s worth! As far as heating tools, I only use them about 2x a week on my hair. I don’t use any protectant which I should probably start doing but I never really blow dry my hair, or use any tools on it except for my straightener 2x a week to get my waves (tutorial on that coming soon).

Last but not least–products! I’ll be honest with you guys. I don’t have a go-to shampoo and conditioner. I kind of just buy whatever is on sale? I do however have several hair products that I love and have used pretty consistently though the years. I always use Moroccan Oil when I first get out of the shower (mostly on my ends, and a little bit on my crown). I then always use a leave in conditioning spray. I went ahead and linked those products below for you guys plus all my outfit details 🙂

Can you guys think of anything else that I missed? Anything else you want to know–just ask!

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*Moroccan oil hairspray can also be found here and flat iron can be found here.

*Leggings linked here. They run true to size. You can use CLAIRE20 for a discount on them as well!



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19 thoughts on “Balayage + Babylights : My Hair Color (And Routine)

  1. Two questions: 1) What is your natural hair color? I have medium brown hair and have been thinking about trying to balayage in some blonde, but I’m intimidated by the upkeep of coloring hair! 2) What leave in conditioner do you use? I struggle to find ones that don’t leave white residue!

    Thanks 🙂 Love your Instagram and blog!

    1. My natural color is what my roots are! So a light to medium brown. And I linked two of my favorite leave in conditioners below in the “shop the post”! 😊

  2. Great post, thanks for sharing! On products, what is your favorite dry shampoo? What tricks do you use to style or revive your hair post-sweaty workout? I’ve tried to wash my hair less and less, but I sweat a ton when I workout and find it hard to style my hair afterwards. Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much!! Sorry I should’ve included the dry shampoo with the rest of the products! I’m currently using the one by living proof. And honestly I really only sweat that much about 2x a week so I save my washes for then. But my advice would be to blow dry it some afterwards and add dry shampoo!!

  3. Who is your hairstylist in Wilmington! I am not too far from there! Would love a good one as I usually go back to MI to get my hair done because I haven’t found one close.

  4. For some reason, I can’t find the link to the hair products. I see the link for the leggings, but nothing else, and I’d love to know which products you use on your hair!

    1. It’s all those photos of products you can scroll through at the bottom! It’s under where it says “shop the post”!

      1. None of the photos are showing up! It says “Shop The Post

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        *Leggings linked here. They run true to size. You can use CLAIRE20 for a discount on them as well!”

  5. Desktop and I tired Chrome and Safari! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, I know this is super annoying and you have much better things to be doing!

    1. No you’re good! I appreciate you letting me know!! I’m out but when I’m back at my desktop I’ll look at it! ❤️

      1. hey, still trying to figure out why the shop the post likes are deactivated. will keep you posted when I figure it out 🙂

    1. Hey Erin! So, it all depends. My hair is really long and thick, and my hair dresser does a very thorough job (meaning, most of the time when your hair gets highlighted or balayaged they won’t do all the underneath layers but I get those done so if my hair is half up/half down it doesn’t look so dark underneath). With that being said, a typical salon would probably charge me $300-400 BUT I get my hair colored 1x every 1-2 years so it’s a hair color/style that is super low maintenance—you’re not spending $150 every few months to get your highlights touched up. Also I don’t pay that much since I am good friends with my hair dresser but that is a ballpark of what a normal salon would charge for a cut & color for my length & thickness of hair. Hope this helps!!

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