How I count macros when travelling or during special occasions

Whether you count macros or stick to an all clean diet, they both can seem like a full  time job. I mean, after time macros seems like a piece of cake but when you’re first starting to count it definitely takes time and energy. And we all kind of know my stance on totally eating clean. I mean, it’s just stressful. At least for me it is. But again, if it works for you then more power to ya! Regardless of what your daily diet consists of though, traveling, going on vacation, having a weekend of special occasions/festivities can throw all of us for a loop.

Look. In the past, I used to get so stressed if there was something that was going to cause me to deviate from my normal eating routine. Birthday dinners for friends? My entire week of eating had to be planned around it. Going out of town for the weekend? God forbid I had two days of not eating clean. I think that is what initially encouraged me to look into macros. I was feeling like my “healthy” lifestyle was no longer healthy but this mentally exhausting journey to have the perfect body.

Anyway! Point being. I can tell you now that is no longer my approach and I am 100x happier. Granted, macros has a lot to do with that because it allows me to work towards my fitness goals while still having freedom and flexibility to eat a variety of foods. I never feel restricted. However, let’s talk about my mindset when it comes to traveling, vacationing, special occasions…

To sum it up, DON’T STRESS! Eat what you want. Now, I’m not saying that you have to go totally overboard and adopt the mentality of IT’S MY UNTRACKED/CHEAT DAY SO I’M GOING TO EAT EVERYTHING IN SITE!!! But  what I am saying is, when you’re traveling and you have the opportunity to try new restaurants, do it! When there is an opportunity for ice cream just because, eat it. When you’re at a girlfriend’s bachelorette party for the weekend–eat what you want. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m such a foodie and enjoying food whether it’s at a new restaurant, a friend’s wedding, whatever it may be…brings me enjoyment! I would be really miserable if every time I travelled or had an occasion to go to that I had to eat so strictly…it just takes away from the whole experience.

Now, I think that there are choices you can make during your time away from your normal eating routine that are beneficial. Like, remembering to stay hydrated especially if you’re drinking some. Or, still getting in a workout at some point during the day. Or maybe you eat more protein based meals for breakfast and lunch because you know you’re going out and indulging for dinner. What I’m trying to say, is it doesn’t have to be an all or nothing attitude. You can still make mindful choices if that helps you find a better balance. Point is, during these non-routine days, you shouldn’t let your normal routine take away from those experiences.

So, as you can see it’s not an exact science, but I think it’s a good balance in order to still enjoy life and everything it has to offer! Because at the end of the day, is deviating from my routine for a few days going to ruin my progress? No! Will I maybe feel more bloated at the end of those days? Sure. But that’s just temporary. Don’t freak out when you’ve been deviating from your normal routine and not feel as lean and think all your progress is lost. I mean, that’s just crazy guys! Your body doesn’t change after a few days of unhealthy eating, just as it doesn’t suddenly tone up after a few days of strict eating.

Anyway, hope this post offers some valuable insight! And if you just started counting macros, be sure to take a look at my post with my top 10 tips for starting out! I also have a blog that explains how to track when you’re going out to eat, so if you do want to count macros when you’re traveling and out and about read up on that here. And I promise to do more posts on macros and food in general since so many of you have said you want to hear more about it! But next blog post will be covering our trip to Charlotte, NC for my birthday so stay tuned! xx

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20 thoughts on “How I count macros when travelling or during special occasions

  1. Hey Claire! (Hope this is the right blog post for the giveaway) – anyway, I love following your IG daily because like everyone else I find you extremely relateable and personable! I’d love to see more posts/blogs on the following: 1) how to do determine when is best to do a cut/bulk, etc? Basically how do you go about deciding that and what are some of the underlying factors for each? 2) although you have shared your workout regimen, I would love to see the workouts you do on a daily basis if you are lifting arms/abs or legs for example! I’ve followed Paola’s guide since January but sometimes need a change in pace and think that would help! And also 3) more live video chats?! It’s fun to be able to do those with you (and Stephen haha). Obviously as your schedule allows 😊 Regardless of what everyone’s suggestions are though, keep doing what you’re doing because I know you are inspiring so many! 💕

  2. How are you able to stop yourself from not going “overboard” or bingeing when you let yourself have free meals/not track your food for the day?? I struggle so much with not going overboard whenever I decide to not track or have a free meal… any suggestions/tips??

    1. hey! so in the past when I was just eating clean during the week this was harder for me because I had the mindset of, THIS IS MY ONLY CHEAT MEAL SO I BETTER EAT EVERYTHING I CAN!! lol where as now with counting macros, if I want ice cream I have it and just fit it into my macros so that doesn’t count as a “cheat.” So when it comes time for my untracked meal, I’m not at the point where I’m craving everything in site and feel the need to go overboard. Another tip I would also suggest is maybe give yourself some limits at the beginning of your untracked/ meal. Like tell yourself, okay I’m going to have my dinner, a drink and dessert but that’s it. I’m not going to go home afterwards and then start eating potato chips lol. I think if you give yourself some “boundaries” before going into an untracked meal that may help.

      1. I like the idea of setting/thinking of “boundaries” of what I can have during my untracked meal. I’m guilty of coming home then diving into the chips, ice cream, etc afterwards! Thanks for your input, gonna try that next time!

      2. Hey! I actually just left this comment on my most recent macro post! Lol that is a great tip and I totally agree.!!

  3. Claire! I love your mindset about food so much. You have no idea how much your posts have helped me….going from “clean eating so my cheat meal better be epic!” to macros and balance. Thanks so much. As for blog topics….I love the variety! Relationships, how you’ve built your brand, instagram tips, macros….. a post about how you pose so comfortably for pics would be great! and maybe Stephen could write about being an “Instagram husband” and what he does to help you out? Just an idea! Thanks for sharing you life with us. 🙂

    1. hey girl! so happy to hear that!! and also thanks for all the input. I think Stephen doing a post on that would be great! lol Thanks for the idea!!

  4. Hi Claire! Your blog and Instagram have become my favorite to follow! I am also an icu nurse (new grad actually) so I have been adjusting to working long hours and balancing a job and a social life where my friends don’t quite understand what it is I do in my day. I’d love to hear more about how you balance it all and especially workouts after 13 hour days, that’s where I struggle. I also would love more about your personal style and shopping, like how you shop with Tradesy. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. Hi Clair,
    Love your blog /Instagram. I guess what I’d like you to talk about would be more on macros and how you knew it was time to cut vs bulk. Also, your journey and creating and building your brand, if it’s ever conflicted with your nursing career.

    Thank you,
    Erica M

  6. Hi! I enjoy seeing content on meal prep, macros, grocery trips, food pics and tips on organizing kitchen/ fridge for success with macros. I also would like to know more about how you made it through bulk mode without getting too stressed about weight/ appearance and when you knew it was time for a cut. Thanks! Lauren

    1. Also, your positive attitude toward food has helped me more than you may know. I was obsessed with clean eating before and it was having a very bad impact on me and my family. Thanks for setting such a healthy example.

      1. That makes me to so happy to read!! ❤️ also leave your name below so I can be sure to enter you in the giveaway!!!

  7. Hey! I love watching your stories & feel motivated to stick to my daily workouts because of you! I’m not sure if this is the post to comment under – but something I’d love to hear more about is what brought you to macros over other diet regiments? Moreover, Id love to hear how you stay away from fixating on the scale and instead focus on how you feel and look? Lastly, Id love to hear how you balance life & social media – that is, does it ever become strenuous or burdensome to your partner to have so much of your life captured on social media? If yes or no, how did you find a balance?

  8. I love your blog and insta posts. You post amazing highlights like a lot of fitness accounts but also let us see the real life stuff too. I’m looking to learn more about lifting. I hate going to the gym and having guys talk to me about what I’m doing especially when I know they don’t have a clue themselves. How did you build gym confidence?

  9. Hey Claire! First of all I just want to let you know how much I love your blog! (and your insta) I would love to see more tips on make-up and the beauty products that you use! I love that you are sharing more of your outfits, I feel like you can never get enough of cute outfits! Just love your style! I’d also love more posts on your life as a RN! I’d love to know how you prepared for the nclex, if you used a special review program or just tips and tricks when you’re taking the nclex! I’m about to take it myself and would love some
    Advice on this part!
    Hope you’re having the best day! Happy belated birthday dear lady!! 🎉🎈

    1. Hey Elinor! Thanks for your input!! FYI I took the hurst review at my school and felt like it was helpful!! Good luck on your nclex!

  10. Hi Claire!
    Your account is one of my favourites to follow. I love how you show us about your macros because it’s super helpful. I am in nursing school and would love hear more about your life as a nurse. I’d also love to hear about your travel adventures and where you’d like to go in the future. I’m a big traveling fan so I love to hear another travel lovers opinion on places and where to go/what to see. I love how you are incorporating yoga into your lifestyle now too because it made me recently get back into it as well! Steven is the funniest so anytime you have him on it’s hilarious – he could maybe have a weekly post? Also, I think it would be great to see a dog on here, 🙂 being selfish but your parents dog was seriously the cutest so i think you need one :)! Your style is flawless and i love how you share your steals and finds because they are so affordable and totally in style with the season. But as you can tell i think you’re fabulous and love your attitude towards life and your blog. Keep up the amazing work love!
    xox Sara

  11. hey Claire! you are by far my favorite fitness account I follow. I would love to hear about your experience cutting/bulking and what happened when you adjusted your macros.

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