What To Consider When Building Your Brand

I get that this topic may seem a little  ironic given that fact that I’ve been asking you all advice on what to focus on more with my brand as I’ve been feeling a little “lost” lately. And yes, this is still a learning process for me but I feel like I’ve learned a lot from experience so far that I can share with you all. Plus, I’ve read a thing or two on what is important when building a brand so let’s talk about those today!

First and foremost is authenticity. This goes for any brand you’re creating, but especially on platforms such as blogging and influencing…because in these cases a lot of times your brand is you, your life. So, you have to build a brand that represents who YOU are. Yes, it’s great to get ideas from other sources but you have to take those and put your own spin on it. Your brand won’t seem, well, be,  authentic or genuine if you’re trying to be someone you’re not.

Consistency. Guys, you have to be consistent! On whatever your main platforms are, you have to consistently provide content. Maybe on your IG that means every day, and on your blog that only means 1x a week right now because that’s all you have time for. Well, okay, that’s fine! I’m not saying you have to post all day every day but you don’t want to post 4 blog posts in one week, and then not share anything for the next 2 weeks. Know what I’m saying? And yes, I could definitely be more consistent with my YouTube videos but my main focus is my IG and blog, and I’m still learning videos. So give me a break!! Aaaand I need to take my own advice and step it up, but right now there is only so much time in the day haha. But anyway, you get what I’m saying! In this case, do what I say and not what I do 😉

Cohesiveness. Now, when I say cohesiveness I mean that you want to have the same look and feel across all your platforms. Like, what if you came to my blog and all my photos were super bright and light colors, and then you went to my IG and everything was dark and moody? You would be like “ummm, what?” You would not get the feeling that you are looking at the same person’s content. Now, when I say the same look and feel, I’m not necessarily talking about a strict IG theme. For example, in some IG’s you’ll see that every third photo there is a quote, or every 4th photo is a filler photo. There’s been this whole mindset behind the “perfect IG layout” and I kind of think it’s ridiculous. Now before you freak out, am I saying that anyone who has a strict IG theme is wrong? No! Definitely not. But two things. I’ve actually heard people say they don’t like pages like that because they get predictable, and that is boring to them. Again, just repeating what I’ve heard. Secondly, I don’t personally like feeling limited on what I can share with you guys and when I can share it. What if I have something I really want to share but it doesn’t go with my theme, or it’s the day to post a food picture and I want to share an outfit with you guys? Just doesn’t work for me! But again, you do you. My point is, it’s not something to stress over.

Purpose. There are a few things to consider when sharing content. Are you here to persuade, entertain, inform, or inspire? Not that you have to pick only one of those and stick with it throughout all shared content. But just think, what is the purpose behind what I’m sharing? And when you’re building a brand, you also have to differentiate. What makes you different than other brands? Why do you people want to engage with you and your content?

Think long term. This is something that I didn’t have the leisure to do. As you may know, I started my blog and IG independently from one another, and didn’t have a business mentality with either of them. Eight months ago or so I knew I needed to re-do my blog and start changing the aesthetic of my brand, so I redesigned my site. But even then, I still didn’t even really think, okay what is  my brand. What do I want my brand to actually be. It’s been more so recently that I’ve had this mindset of what do I really want out of all this? I think it’s because I’ve had the realization that if blogging is something I really want do to, then the only person stopping me is me. I’ve always just considered it to be something I love and enjoy, and that it’s just part of my life. But now I don’t want it to just be a part of my life, I want it to “be” my life. Make sense? Yes? No? Hopefully yes lol. But point being, if you’re starting your own business, think of what you want out of it long term. Having to rebuild or rebrand your business is kind of a nightmare and while it has to be done sometimes, try to think of what you want from the beginning!

So hopefully these points give you some good things to think about when building your brand! Did you guys like this post? Let me know, and I can do more to expand on this topic! xx Claire

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185 thoughts on “What To Consider When Building Your Brand

  1. Hi!! Love following you on instagram! In terms of content, I like the lifestyle posts in addition to the fitness and macros posts. I think those posts show how authentic and genuine you are. The macro posts and stories are my favorite though. Would love to hear more on how long you cut before you went to your maintenance macros and how long you’ve tracked macros, plan to track, etc. Thanks for always being an inspiration!

  2. I love following your insta! One of my favorite “fitness” accounts I follow❤️ I would like to see more workout videos and some grocery shopping hauls maybe? Thanks!

  3. Im not living under a rock haha just always super late to do everything 🙄

    I’ve tried counting macros on and off for 2 years. I was never able to figure it out or stick to it, until I found your ig/blog. Thank you for being honest and willing to share every piece of your life—I’m sure it’s exhausting haha

    I’d love to hear more about your workouts. Specifically, how you avoid plateauing or if you do hit a plateau, what you do to get past it. Other than that, the content you provide is phenom! Thank you!

    1. Hahah, better late than never ☺️ and yay! I’m so glad that the macro stuff has been helpful and you’ve been able to stick to it. Thanks for the feedback too!! Xx

  4. Hi Claire!
    You are one of my favorite fitness accounts I follow on Instagram because I think you are so relatable and I’m also a fellow nurse 🙂 I would like to try counting macros so I think your page is really helpful! That being said I also love fashion so I would love to see more of your outfit posts!

  5. As a new fellow ICU nurse and fitness fanatic I would love to hear more about how to balance the healthy lifestyle and fitness as an RN with such long days !

  6. I really like that you show your personal life and your fitness life. I would love to see more of your workout routines (I know you follow a plan and maybe don’t want to give it away for free) but maybe some helpful tips on how to work legs, arms etc? Love your insta!❤️

  7. Hey there! I honestly love your Instagram stories because it seems so much more personal than just posts, you know?? I know I lot of people say macros, and I would love to know more about those too because I want to start counting. The only problem is that I’m in college, so the dining hall food is making it really hard for me to be accurate.. is there any way I could get some tips about that from you please?? I’m also interested in knowing more about your workouts! I’m more of a person that can build muscle with ease, be as far as slimming down and developing lean muscles, I struggle. So maybe some tips on lean muscle build? I really appreciate all you do! You make me want to be a more confident person, and you’ve been giving me some great fashion ideas too haha! Keep up the amazing, inspiring work💛

    1. hi! thanks for your comment!! so to help answer your question about the dining hall, that can definitely be tough! My recommendation would be to try and get food that is easy to simplify. For example, if you make your own salad you can guesstimate how much of each topping you put on there. And I don’t know if the dressings come in bottles that have nutrition facts on them? Or maybe just stick with olive oil and lemon! Also, I wonder if by law the school has to have their nutrition facts available? I’m thinking for people that have food allergies, etc. Maybe this is a bit of a stretch? lol But in general, I’d try to pick foods that are going to be the same wherever you go. For example, fruit, cereal and milk…that is the same at your dining hall vs. if you buy it at the store. Versus something like mac and cheese…it would be harder to calculate how much cheese is in there, etc! Hope this helps!!

  8. I love reading your blog! Mostly cuz I feel like I can relate to you a ton! I’m a first year nursing student, try to stay fit but find it extremely hard. I was hoping maybe you could talk more about how to stay focused while being so busy.


  9. Hi Claire! I love watching and following you on instagram! I’d love it if you could add more workout content and maybe some tips to help stick to exercise especially after a break.

  10. Hi Claire! I love your instagram and how real you are! I feel like you never try to pretend to be something you’re not and you’re always so natural. I would love to see more of your weight lighting routines for arms and abs! I love your tips on macros and diet so I think seeing more excersises would be awesome!

  11. I love following your instagram 😍 I mostly like hearing about your macros and how incorporate sweets into your plan. I also love how you involve your husband in your posts and videos, adorable and genuine. Thank you for sharing your life with everyone!
    I would like to hear more about the different programs/routines you tried before you figured out what worked best for you!

  12. Hi Claire!
    I think this giveaway is such a great idea (commenting last minute oops haha). I am currently a first semester student nurse and would love to hear your tips on how to balance long days with eating healthy and staying fit. How do you stick so well to a schedule without stress eating?!
    Love all your posts keep them up! Thanks!

  13. I SUBSCRIBED! first off, I absolutely love following you and learning from you. All of your content is so real and applicable to the typical, working woman, which is so unlike a lot of social media influencers! I’d love to see more simple recipes, food prepping for work, etc. I have literally been eating the same meals and snacks for over a year, and I just need to shake it up! Thanks girl 😙💕

  14. Hey Claire! I absolutely think you’re adorable! I love hearing about macro counting, and your fitness routine, but I would also love to hear more about your nursing career and how to write a blog in general. What made you decide to write? To air your life? I’m interested in starting a blog because I feel that as a mother of 6 (!) and an avid runner and foodie, I have a story to share with other women who juggle a lot too.

  15. Better late than never, am I right?! I’ve been following you on insta for what seems like forever now. Thanks for your presence on social media and for always keeping it real! I’d love to see more workout videos and maybe collaborations with other fitness bloggers :).

  16. Hi Claire! I think you have done an amazing job of incorporating all of your media outlets together – especially with linking your blog directly to your Instagram, its super convenient to get to! I’ve continued to enjoy your down to earth mentality and being realistic with us on how you fit macros into your life (not the other way around). I would love to see more staple recipes you make as well as how you stay on track with your macros while ag work, as this can often be a zone for free treats! I also really enjoy posts or stories with your husband – you two are absolutely hysterical and so sarcastic, the best kind of relationship to have! 😜I would love to have date night ideas!

  17. Ah Claire I’m a huge fan of yours!!! I love how you don’t make your whole life about fitness and working out. I think you have found such a great balance between enjoying life and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I already love all your current content because you’re so genuine, relatable, funny and motivating. I would love to see more blog posts/ insta posts about:

    1. not being afraid to indulge once in a while and just enjoy life
    2. how to know if you need a rest day or should push yourself to work out
    3. how to choose workout clothes for specific types of workouts
    4. if you ever think you’ll transition away from counting macros to intuitive eating
    5. at-home workouts you like to do
    6. gym videos of you working out
    7. how you manage to get enough sleep, especially with your job schedule and working out
    8. how to get rid of the guilt factor when it comes to eating sweets and fried foods
    9. a few macro friendly slightly naughty treats
    10. Talking to people at the gym— do you do it or not

    Stay as fabulous and cool as you are! <3 <3

  18. Hi! I have been following you on Instagram for a long time and I just really enjoy seeing the normal genuine person you are talk about all aspects of living out a healthy lifestyle! I’m super interested in hearing about beauty/ fashion/ cooking/ and for sure your fitness regimen. I have been considering counting macros, not sure if I am going to yet, but love your realistic and sustainable approach to keeping it real, balanced and NOT stressful. Keep up the good work!!! Oh and having Stephen’s perspective on certain topics is a really nice touch!

  19. Love love love your blog/social media basically all of it haha! I think you do a great job of posting different content on insta and I get what you mean by wanting to be more laid back/candid and I think you could definitely do like half and half of candid and also more posed pics. I think an interesting blog post idea could be different shoes like which ones do you love for lifting weights/running/just to be cute. All the talk about macros really helps me a lot and it’s good to get other ideas and tips from other people as I try to find what best works for me! If you’re into cooking (even like super basic stuff) some blog posts or YouTube videos on fun and healthy recipes would be cool too!! Regardless of your posts or content, you’re so fun to watch on IG stories and I’m always happy to hear more fitness tips!!

  20. First off, love your whole approach to health nd fitness! It seems very maintainable. Would love to see more of your weekly workout schedule and fun ideas for cardio! Thanks XO

  21. Hello!

    Maybe some content on what a typical week of work outs looks like for you? I have trouble being focused on the gym. I’ll get really heavy on legs and then do nothing for arms for awhile. I’ve tried a few guides but haven’t found any that really “speak” to me yet ☹️

  22. Hi Claire!

    I’ve been following you on Instagram for quite a while, and I love how you have transitioned from just fitness to also sharing fashion, favorite products, travel, etc. on your platform!
    I think your more candid photos fit with what you have going on your social media, you are so relatable and that’s what I love about following you! I would love to see more of your favorite products you enjoy using; sponsored or not! I’ve bought and used FakeBake and Tula because of your Instagram/blog posts, and I LOVE both thanks to your reviews! I also love any time you and Stephen post videos together– you guys are so fun and enjoyable to watch, and it just shows how down to earth you are, which is one of the best parts of following you. Thanks for being you and keeping it real! You rock!!
    Erika D. (@erikadaly20 on Instagram)

  23. Hey Claire! I love reading your blog posts and following all of your foodie adventures on Instagram! You were my inspiration to start tracking macros last year and it has impacted my life greatly! love that you are so realistic and relatable when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, while still having a social life. I am always inspired to not be so hard on myself after reading one of your posts about not stressing about perfection. I’d love to read more about how to find a healthy balance between hitting your macros/workouts when you can, and enjoying your life to the fullest!

  24. Hey girl! Love following you and love all your posts/ insta stories!! I definitely follow for the fitness aspect but I think my favorite part of your account is definitely how personal you get with it! Makes it so much more relatable and real. Would love to see more fashion/makeup, while still staying with fitness!💕

  25. Hi!! I love your insta! I love seeing how you calculate your macros and working in treats sometimes! I’d love to see how to calculate your own macros, maybe on a live video?! Also I love your outfits and it would be fun to see more outfit posts!

    1. Hey Morgan thanks for your input!! Just as a FYI I don’t calculate my own macros! Paola Marquez does it! @paosfitworld

    1. Forgot the word “see” oops!! I would also love to see a blog post or video on how you made your blog and ideas on getting started.

  26. Love seeing how you show the balance between your fitness journey and the other parts of your life! I would love to see more about how you alter the guide you follow to fit your new goals!

  27. Thank you for being real and raw with your Instagram and blog! I admire that about you. It keeps me interested in how I can implement things into my daily healthy lifestyle! Please continue sharing about your macro lifestyle. It’s helpful!! I would love to see more skincare/makeup/self care tips!

  28. I love your fitness account, it is one of my favorites!! i would love to see more macro counting and grocery hauls! ❤️

  29. Love everything about your instagram and blog!! Seriously though you are such an inspiration and I appreciate your authenticity! I feel like I know you/that we’re friends at this point because I’ve been “following” you for so long hahah which I feel is kind of weird because it’s a one way road 😂 But thank you for opening up!!

    I would love for you to talk more about finding balance, especially when you’re trying to shed fat but also not be a hermit and neglect your social life. I’m struggling with this quite a bit right now (even though I just started lol) and love your input on how you are able to do it during a cut.

    Also, affordable fashion!!! I work for a nonprofit aka ballin on a budget haha but would love to update my wardrobe more frequently if I didn’t have to spend a ton of money 🙂

    Thank you thank you!!!

    1. It’s not a one way road!! I consider all of you guys my friends! Talking with you guys always makes my day 🙂 thanks for your input girl!

  30. Love watching your insta stories everyday! You’re so relatable and motivating. I think grocery hauls would be fun to incorporate! 🙂

  31. I already love your content! I would like to see more macro tracking tips and tricks-for beginners specifically. I also would love more tips on how to deal with living with a partner who doesn’t track and how that affects cooking dinner together- how do you stay consistent when a partner doesn’t live the same “food lifestyle” as you? Also- more bits of wellness advice such as do you take any suppliments/vitamins? Love the blog- I think unique blogs nowadays are few and far between and it’s neat to see one that has a fitness undertone but branches out into more of a fit lifestyle that includes everything from nutrition to fashion (all about that balanced life). Keep up the good work. 🙂

    1. Hey Lauren! Thanks so much!! 🙂 and just in case you didn’t see—in my macros section I do have a top 10 tips for starting and a couple other posts on starting out. Also, Stephen and I did a post on when your fitness journey is different than your significant others and we talk about macros. Hope these help but will def cover them more!

  32. Hi Claire!

    I follow your instagram because I find it inspiring and above anything it feels authentic! Keep being you!
    Love to see more workout videos, pre/post workout meals/shakes/snacks! Favorite fitness apparel!


  33. I love you channel!! I really hope you post more about your fitness routine and fitting macros with a busy life! I know you discuss macros and your routine but Id love if you went into more depth about that.

  34. I’d love you to share more about how long macros took you to see a difference and how you were able to test which macros worked best for you.

  35. I love your new insta! I would like to know how you plan for busy weeks or how you stay flexible with traveling. Also grocery hauls and meal prep!

  36. Claire! As always such an inspiration through your blog and on your Instagram. I really think you do a good job at incorporating everything from workouts to food! I’ve been counting macros for quite some time and although I think it works there are other times I feel frustrated with them because it’s tedioius at times. If you can speak more towards meal prepping or staples to have in your home to grab that’d be great! And any protein bars you recommend that’s budget friendly 🙂

  37. Hey! I have loved following you. You are one of the many people that have motivated me to stick with macros this year, and I love it so much!! I would love to see more recipes for macro friendly dinners I can make with friends and family 🙂 like the one video you did making black bean tacos or taquitos, I can’t remember which one it was haha!

  38. Hi Claire! Happy to have found you on Insta and find your blog and videos with the hubs quite entertaining! I’m in a different stage of life as a mama of 4 who still has interest in fitness and style but would love more of your overall approach to eating (as opposed to the nitty gritty food diaries), grocery hauls, go to recipes, some specific workout routines for a non gym day, I love your product reviews (fab fit box), and style staples for the seasons would be awesome! Thanks for the great content, looking forward to much more:)

  39. I agree with everyone, I like following you on IG! I feel like your content is great and you’ve done a lot of helpful posts on counting Macros and workouts, I feel like my weak areas are snacking at work (there are always treats 🙄) and eating late at night. I don’t know if we have the same struggle but maybe something on tips for dealing with struggles like this? Thanks for keepin it real and providing great info/inspiration!

    1. Hey! Thanks for your comment!! So quick suggestion with the snacks. I always pack a bunch of snacks at work, and include something sweet, so if there are treats at work I’m not tempted as much by them. I can eat what I packed and know it will fit my macros. And I used to be bad with late night snacking also. But macros has helped with that because I know what my limit is. Hope this helps for the time being!!

  40. This post is actually really helpful. For your Instagram, did you start a separate Instagram from scratch for your brand or did you just use the one that you had already been using?

    1. yay! so happy to hear that 🙂 and I made a separate one except now I don’t even use my personal one anymore hehe!

      1. Yeah unless your business is your life/lifestyle I think it makes the most sense to do 2 separate ones!

  41. Hey Claire don’t be too hard on yourself! I have been following you on Instagram for some time and love your spin! You keep it classy yet not ridiculously professional ✨ ps: the fitness part is amazing!

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