Adding (bulldog) Yoga To My Workout Regimen

Well guys, I guess there is a first time for everything! If you would have told me that I would have started doing yoga as part of my workout routine and actually enjoyed it, I probably wouldn’t have believed you.

To be fair (to myself), in the past I have done traditional yoga, and Bikram, but never really stuck with either for a few reasons. One being, they were expensive. I didn’t feel like I could justify paying a lot of money for something that I wasn’t doing every day of the week. As much as I liked certain aspects of these classes, I wasn’t about to give up my weight routine to do yoga on a daily basis. I just knew that wouldn’t work for me. Another reason was sometimes when I went to the classes, I couldn’t help but feel a little intimidated? I’m not sure what the right word is. But for someone who is not a “yoga person” I think it can be hard to dive into a group class full of experts. I’m like, I’m just here try to work on my flexibility and endurance, and give myself peace of mind for 45 minutes haha. Plus, with my current schedule, it can be hard to find the extra time to actually drive to a class, or to plan my schedule around available studio times.

Okay, but this post is about how I’m actually doing  yoga now as part of my routine so let’s talk about that. When I first had the opportunity to try bulldog yoga’s online classes I honestly didn’t know what I would think of them. But after learning more about their brand, I was definitely on board to at least give it a try. In general, their mantra is all about inclusion and making people feel comfortable. Point being, it doesn’t matter if you’re experienced or not (me!) when doing their program. That in particular was really one thing that drew me to them. And while bulldog yoga is yoga, there is definitely more to it than that. They have a variety of classes so while they do have more traditional style yoga classes, they also have classes that are more individualized and focused. For example, I found that I love their “Core on the Floor” and “Hips and Hammies” classes. These are 25 minute classes within their “Bulldog bites” section that really help with strengthening and stretching those target areas.

So while I’ve still be sticking to my traditional weight training regime, being able to have access to bulldog yoga’s online classes has been super convenient and a helpful addition to my routine. After the gym, it’s been really easy to just come back to my apartment and play one of their classes. I do this 2-3x a week to primarily stretch and cool down, or to do some extra ab work and work on my overall endurance and body strength. It’s also been a great way to just take some more “me” time before starting my day. It gives me a chance to re-center myself and my thoughts before getting wrapped up in the day ahead. I feel like that is such a “yoga person” thing to say LOL, but it’s true! I think we could all probably use a little more time to be alone with our thoughts and be less distracted by the outside world.

So anyway! There you have it! Those are my thoughts so far on the program, and I plan to continue with it as I’ve really been enjoying it 🙂 And once I get a little more of the basics under my belt, I am going to try the Exhilarate class which is an extra cardio and strength training class that also uses resistance bands (Eeeek). So, stay tuned!!

Oh, and one last thing! For anyone interested in trying their classes they are super affordable. You know one deterrent I mentioned earlier was cost so let’s talk about the budget-friendliness of this program. You can get unlimited classes for like $10 a month! You get 20% off your first purchase and then you can use CLAIRE15 for an extra 15% off. (Oh and from the feedback I’ve gotten from you guys, in order to enter the extra discount code you have the click your cart instead of going straight to check out 🙂 ) You can click here to check out their site!

Does anyone else incorporate yoga into their routine or have tried bulldog specifically? Let me know! I’d love to hear 🙂 xx



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3 thoughts on “Adding (bulldog) Yoga To My Workout Regimen

  1. Hi Claire! Thank you for pointing out Bulldog yoga on your Instagram page as well as your blog! I tried it for the first time this week, and so far I am really enjoying it!! I used to do yoga 1-2x per week at a class at my local gym, but it is excellent to be able to do it in the comfort of my own home! I recently signed up for a month unlimited, so more experiences to come! Thanks again for sharing this wonderful find! 🙂


    1. Hey Elizabeth! Thanks so much for your comment 🙂 I’m glad that you’re liking bulldog and that I got to share it with you guys! I agree, it really is nice to be able to do it at home–so much more convenient!! xx Claire

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