How To Grocery Shop When You’re Counting Macros

So after sharing on IG stories how I approach grocery shopping when counting macros, I figured I’d compile some of these tips I use into a blog post. Several of you messaged me saying that hearing my thought process over IG stories was helpful so here is something a little more concrete that you guys can refer to!

First and foremost, you have to grocery shop based off what YOUR macros are. Seems obvious enough, right? If your friend is in a bulk and has increased carbs, you’re not going to be buying the same items that they are. Well, you could  but you’d probably max out your carbs at lunchtime. The thing with macros is, you want to optimize yours as much as possible! The more macro friendly foods you eat, the more you can eat. And I don’t know about you guys, but the more food the better! Hehe, well, usually.

So keeping that in mind, look at your own macros and think, okay, what do I have trouble hitting usually and what do I usually have trouble going over in? For example, my fats are always low at the end of the day! I usually always need more fat in my diet. My carbs on the other hand, I don’t have any trouble hitting those–those are easy for me! And as far as my protein, I’m usually somewhere right in the middle–not way under and not cutting it close. Now don’t get me wrong, at the end of each day, my numbers will be hit exactly (protein I hit on the gram, and fats and carbs I allow +/- 5 grams). But, it’s helpful to have somewhat of a balanced diet through the day so come dinnertime you’re not like, “Great I have 80g of protein, 10 carbs, and 5 fats!” Like, wtf are you supposed to do with that? Eat a lot of lean meat and a slice of bread basically haha. But really, that’s not fun. You want to enjoy your meals throughout the day and not feel like you’ve fucked yourself over come dinner lol.

Okay, so back to using my macros as an example. When I go grocery shopping, I pretty much buy whatever looks good to me at the time–a variety of produce, breads, cheeses, yogurts, eggs, granola bars, chips, proteins, etc. However what type/brand I buy within these items is dependent on my macros. For example, I told you guys I have a hard time hitting my fats. So, when buying protein I don’t necessarily have to opt for a fat free ground turkey. I know that if I want to instead buy turkey burgers with a higher fat content that it will work with my macros. Likewise with yogurts. I don’t buy all fat free yogurts because I know that I usually need some extra fat in my diet, so I’ll buy some yogurts that are fuller fat. Now let’s talk about the carbs. I feel like I can always eat more carbs lol, so I tend to go for more carb friendly options. For example, I buy almond milk instead of regular milk. Almond milk doesn’t have carbs, regular milk does. That being said, I don’t want to waste my carbs drinking milk when I can have a lower carb option like almond milk instead. For bread, I buy Nature’s Own which is a brand that is only 11 carbs per slice. Some other brands are 15-20 carbs per slice. So things like that help because that will add up over the day! If I have two slices of bread at 11 carbs per slice that’s 22 carbs. If I have two slices of bread at 18 carbs per slice that’s 36 carbs. That’s a 14 carb difference right there. And if you make little adjustments like this here and there based off what your macros are then you will be much happier when trying to hit them through the day–and it will be easier too!

A lot of you guys tell me that you have a hard time hitting your protein (especially without going over your carbs and fats). So in this case when you’re grocery shopping, you need to be mindful of protein sources that are low in carbs and fats. Again, seems simple when you put it that way right?! Look for low fat string cheese, non fat yogurts with low sugar content (low sugar = less carbs), lean proteins like chicken, turkey, or pork tenderloin, egg whites, cottage cheese, etc. Also, some breads have more protein than others! The bread I buy is only 11 carbs per slice but has 5g of protein. So 2 slices of that and you’re adding 10 g of protein in. Again, it’s little things like that which will make a difference overall!

So hopefully some of these points were helpful for next time you’re grocery shopping. I also have a vlog up of me grocery shopping where I talk through a lot of this process! For anyone that wants more details on this topic that may be helpful to watch! You can watch it here 🙂

Any other things you guys find helpful when counting macros and grocery shopping? Or what other questions do you have? Let me know!



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