My Stairmaster Routine

Anytime I mention the stairmaster on IG, I always get a flood of people asking what my stairmaster routine is. Now, it’s nothing crazy BUT I think my approach has made the 45 minute torture session, a little more bearable. So, let’s get to it! Here is my routine:

-5 minutes: walking forwards
-5 minutes: walking sideways
-5 minutes: walking sideways (opposite side)
-5 minutes: walking backwards
(Jump off treadmill for about a minute to rest)
-5 minutes: walking forwards, skipping 1 step + kickback w/ each leg
-5 minutes: walking sideways
-5 minutes: walking sideways (opposite side)
-5 minutes: walking backwards
-5 minutes: walking forward (decrease speed & use as cool down)

So as you can see, there isn’t a whole lot to it, but I’ve found that if I break it up into 5 minute increments that it helps the time go by much faster. I don’t know, I guess it’s just a mental thing! Plus it’s good because it allows you to work on different parts of the legs and glutes.

As far as the speed goes, I do a speed of 10 the whole time. A lot of times people will say that they can’t do the stairmaster for 45 minutes, and that 10 is way to fast! Well, it was the same for me too in the beginning! Guys, when I first tried the stairmaster I could last about 5 minutes. I’m serious. I thought it was the hardest thing ever. I was like, I really want to incorporate this into my routine but I don’t think that is ever going to be possible when I can only last 5 minutes haha. Well, like anything, you just have to work your way up to it! When you first start, maybe you can only last 5 minutes…10 minutes, that’s okay! I would say each week try to increase your time by 5 minutes or so. Same goes for speed, if you have to start at a speed of 3 then whatever! Who cares. You’ll get there! Also, fun fact, when I first started using the stairmaster I literally had to look at my feet the ENTIRE time otherwise I’d trip and fall haha. And now I can walk sideways, backwards, forwards AND be looking at my phone the whole time. See! You just have to practice 🙂

And last point, so why do I choose the stairmaster over other forms of cardio? Well, I think it is the most effective form of cardio that allows you the burn fat, but also build lean muscle. The stairmaster works your calves, hamstrings, quads, and glutes. So I’m like, why not do a form of cardio that helps burn fat but that also helps build lean muscle? And this was a question I got asked the other day, will the stairmaster make your legs more bulky or lean? The stairmaster is going to help build lean muscle in the areas. Again, in order to get “bulky” you have to be eating in a surplus and lifting heavy weights. Everyone’s body is different, but as a general rule while the stairmaster does target different muscle groups, it will help you build lean muscle and also burn fat since it is cardio.

Okay, I think that answers all the questions I’ve gotten regarding the stairmaster! I recently have been doing it 3x per week, but that is also dependent on what I’m eating. If you’re routine only has you doing cardio 2x per week then just do that! Hope this was helpful 🙂


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7 thoughts on “My Stairmaster Routine

  1. Hi Claire!! Your blog helps me out SO much, you have no idea.

    If you do the stair master 3x per week, how many days do you do for legs/arms?

    Thanks again!! xoxo

    1. hey lauren! I’m so happy to hear that 🙂 so I do cardio 3x a week and then legs/arms & abs/ shoulders and back the other 3 days. But I have more cardio days now because ive been increasing my carbs recently so you may not need as much cardio!!

      1. Dear Claire why do you start increasing your carbs is that when you start a bulk?! Or just to keep your metabolism guessing?!:)

      2. It’s depends. If you’re doing a bulk your carbs will definitely increase by a lot. For me, I just increased my carbs by a little bit so it helped me lift heavier and grow my legs and butt more. Because in order to grow a decent amount of muscle there you have to be eating a certain amount of carbs

  2. This post stuck in my head after I read it a little while back, and finally this morning I got around to giving the stair master a try! It was great/tough! I followed your plan but slowed down to an 8, and slowed down even more when I walked backwards. Was way too focused to be bored, lol. I haven’t been motivated lately to hop on the treadmill and I’ve never really dug the elliptical, so it was fun to find a new challenge! Thanks for the tips, I will definitely do it again!

    1. hey Kassie! so glad you got around to trying it. it definitely is a good workout and it something to work your way up to! I know when I first started the stair master in general it was SO hard for me. I felt like I could only go at a speed of 3 and had to look at my feet the whole time!! lol. but yeah, its definitely a good cardio burn while helping build up your leg muscles! 🙂

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