Why You Need a Jean Skirt in Your Life

While we’ve been having some cooler weather recently in NC, it seems like a lot of the country is still in a freakin’ heatwave. But whether you’re starting to get those fall temps or you’re still in the midst of summer, I like to think jean skirts are a great wardrobe staple.

It’s funny, when did jean skirts come back in style? I don’t know, but don’t really care, because I love them ha. But I couldn’t help but laugh when one of my friends texted me the other day relaying that she was in a group text and all these girls were like, “So what’s the deal with jean skirts now? Apparently that is a new thing?” Well, I for one am happy it’s a trend that has come back because I’ve been practically living in mine.

They are a great item because it is easy to just throw on (obviously) and can be styled a lot of different ways. Here, I just have it paired with sneakers and a cute crop top for during the summer days. At night, it’s easy to change out the sneakers for a pair of wedges, or even a dressier sandal, and then opt for a nicer top. During the fall though, I can swap my crop out for a knit sweater (think either cropped or loosely tucked in) and a pair of booties. I mean, as much as I love my high waisted shorts, it’s nice to have another casual alternative that seems a tad dressier.

I love that so many trends that were popular in the past are now coming back in style (ahem, overalls). It’s just fun to have a seemingly simple item like a jean skirt that can be worn while running errands, out to brunch, even out to date night! I think having these “simple” pieces in your closet is key. More and more I’m discovering that the things I wear the most are what people may deem as more “plain/boring” items…but honestly those are usually the most versatile and end up being the most fun!

Below you can shop some credit card friendly (you’re welcome) jean skirt options in addition to the rest of my look (this specific skirt and purse are from Zara; similar options below). On that note, have you guys discovered any clothing pieces recently that have made themselves a staple in your wardrobe?

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