How To Get Abs

Okay, so I can’t guarantee anyone abs (sorry!) but what I can tell you is what I do, and what will help. I’m sharing this today, because, well, I get a lot of questions about “how to get abs.” Further questions asking for details, how long do I workout abs each week, what exercises do I do, which ones are most effective. Well, the answer may not be what you think.

Each week, I do focused ab work for about 15 minutes…that’s it! Yep, the only time I workout abs is when I do my biceps/triceps/ab workouts from Paola’s workout guide. This workout lasts about 30-40 minutes, so yep, only about 15 minutes of ab work a week. Now, I’m not saying that you don’t need to do isolated ab exercises but just remember that in doing those you are building your core muscles but you’re not necessarily getting rid of the fat over them (Boo. Sad, I know).

So we’ve all heard the phrase, “Abs are made in the kitchen.” And welp, hate to break it to you, but I’m saying it here again because it’s the truth! Yes, over the years of working out, my core muscles have definitely become stronger, but how much you can see them is entirely dependent on my diet. I do not however believe that you have to have a solely clean diet to have abs though. When I was eating at my cleanest and healthiest, my abs look no where near as defined as they do now lol. And now, I eat ice cream probably 3x a week, have chocolate daily, eat bagels, pasta, whatever. Basically, everything that you might associate with not having abs is what I probably eat at some point during the day. And, this is why I love macros! Not to get on the macro train, but ever since I started counting macros and gave my body the right amount of calories (and portions of carbs, fat, and protein), I saw a big difference in my abs especially. And, I was still able to enjoy foods that I love instead of feeling like I had to eat “clean” all day just to get abs.


Anyway, to but a bow on this 😀 Everyone’s body is different, and responds different to types of workouts and foods. At the end of the day though, what you eat is the biggest indicator of what your abs will look like. So, if really want a more defined stomach, focus more on your eating regimen and less on actual ab exercises 🙂

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