My New Love for Foundation and Concealer 

So, am I the only person that is 28 years old and has never owned concealer? Okay, let me back track. If you guys have seen my everyday makeup tutorial on YouTube, you probably know that I never wear foundation. I literally always wear the same tinted moisturizer whether I’m running errands or going out for dinner. My makeup is always…the…same. LOL. I like it because it’s simple, easy, doesn’t feel or look like my face is caked with makeup, etc. But recently, I’ve been really loving some more of the “finished” makeup looks I’ve been seeing. So with that said, I finally decided to investigate them more for myself. Especially since I take photos so often (and videos), I thought it may be nice to have a makeup that is more accentuated on camera.

After doing some research on YT, I narrowed it down to about four foundations and concealers I wanted to try. It seemed like these two products were the biggest one’s I’ve been “missing” from my daily routine. I mean, they seem to really make a difference when you know what you’re doing! Well, I went to Nordstrom with my little product list in hand and luckily I ran into a very helpful gay guy (aren’t they all helpful when it comes to makeup?) and he steered me in the right direction. See, I thought I knew which products I wanted but I was wrong. Actually, regarding the concealer I was pretty on target. I told him that I was looking at the NARS radiant creamy concealer which apparently was the right choice!

As far as foundation goes though–that was a different story. I explained to him my normal makeup routine and told him I wanted more of a “finished” look, especially for photos. I then showed him the ones I was interested in trying to which he basically replied, you don’t want those haha. Not that they were bad options, but he said for what I’m used to and for my skin, I didn’t need something that  full coverage. I was glad he gave his input because while I’m very happy with the foundation I ended up buying, I can definitely see now that I wouldn’t have been happy with the really full coverage ones (I’m just not used to wearing that)! Anyway, he suggested the Even Skin Water Foundation by Trish McEvoy which I now LOVE!  Apparently Trish McEvoy has a lot of great BB creams, and this is their foundation that is kind of a “step up” from that so to speak.

I took some photos with just my iPhone so you guys could see how the concealer + foundation combo turned out. I’m wearing a couple other products in the photos below, but just a little bronzer and blush. The bronzer used is NARS bronzing powder in Laguna and the blush is by NARS in the color Bumpy Ride. I usually wear the blush color Orgasm, which is what he originally suggested but since I always wear that we tried a new color (which I really liked)! So just to quickly go over how he applied all these products though. We first applied the foundation in the color Fair. Afterwards, we took the NARS concealer in Honey and put it under my eyes (so we used it as an actual concealer instead of a highlighter). Then he applied the other NARS concealer  in Vanilla (which is a lighter brighter) and used it as a highlighter (along my the top of my cheekbones, between my eyebrows/forehead, down the bridge of my nose, my cupid’s bow and my chin). Then he applied the bronzer and blush. Oh, and also when I got home, I wanted a little more highlight/dewy look, so I added a touch of my Cargo HD picture perfect highlighter in Bronze. This product is literally sold out everywhere– I cant find the bronze color 🙁 Hopefully it will be back in stock soon. But I got it in my FabFitFun box and love it. So, yep that is the look that is shown below, with just an iPhone and some natural light! No filters, no nothing 😉

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2 thoughts on “My New Love for Foundation and Concealer 

  1. Hi Claire, It’s Trish 🙂 My makeup story is blah, so I reached out to a friend Susan Lew with BeautyCounter and I too was in love with the tinted moisturizer. I took it a step up and have just purchased a foundation from beautycounter and would like for you to try it and give me your input? I can say that I love them both, they have really got something good going on with their products. However, I would like an honest opinion from you. Have you tried any of BeautyCounter products? and what did you think? Hope to see you soon.. Love Trish

    1. Hey! I actually heard of their products recently as one of my friends uses them–but have never tried them myself! I’m trying a new regime right now but maybe later on I’ll give the beauty counter ones a try!

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