Photoshoot with Hallelu Boutique

You may only know this if you’ve read my ‘About Me’ page, but for two years of high school, plus several years while I was in nursing school, I was living in Wilmington, NC. For those not familiar, it’s a beach town along the southeast coast of NC. Anyway, Hallelu, a local boutique located on the beach, has always been one of my favorite places to shop. So, when they reached out to me last week to see if I’d be interested in doing a casual photoshoot for some of their new workout clothes, I obviously said yes!

On Wednesday morning Stephen and I headed down to the beach, where we met with the owner, Catherine, and their creative director and photographer, Abby. They had two workout outfits that they wanted to shoot, so I put on the first outfit, walked down to the beach, took some shots for about 10 minutes and then went back to the studio to take a few product shots for the website (then the same deal with the second outfit 😉 ). I will say, action shots are not my forte lol. If any of you guys saw my IG stories from that day, Stephen was filming me “running” so they could get some action shots haha, yeahhh, cardio isn’t my strong suit, even when it’s pretend lol. I was cracking up at myself (anyone else do that? okay anyways…)

Best fake run of all time
IMG_3968-1After we were done with the photos, I took some time to look through their store and pick out a few items. It’s always hard to narrow it down to just a few when you go there (so many cute things!) but I ended up with two skorts, and a dress. I also got the first workout set that we shot because I was kind of obsessed with it, and needed it in my life basically. You guys know me, I love all black everything, so this set with the lace up sports bra and leggings was right up my ally. You can find the sports bra here, and the leggings here. I wore a medium in the sports bra, and a small in the leggings. These are the sizes that I normally wear, so they run true to size.



The second look we shot was another all black set; a sports bra and shorts. As well as a few shots in a white tee they just got in. In the shorts and tshirt I wore a small which is true to size, but I had to go down a size in the sports bra. I wore a small, instead of my usual medium. You can find the shorts here, the sports bra here, and the white top here.


More awkward running 😉


Overall it was a really fun day! And not that I’m new to being in front of a camera lol, but, it was a little different being in front of a camera shooting for someone else instead of for my own content. So, it was fun to try something different! Always good to branch out of your comfort zone, right? 🙂

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