A Post Vacation Cleanse

I should start by having two disclaimers. One. Never feel like you have to do some sort of crazy cleanse or diet (post vacation) to punish yourself. And two. This cleanse of mine will probably be more along the lines of how most people who strive to eat healthy already eat LOL. But, for me, it’s a change from my regular diet so bear with me 😉

As most of you know, I count macros on a regular basis. I would say overall I eat 70% “clean” and 30% “not clean” foods. Basically, I’m used to having my nightly ice cream, mini chocolates through the day, the occasional donut, etc. When I go on vacation however, I usually don’t strictly count macros. It either goes one of two ways. One being, I mentally try to stick loosely to my macros, or I just say EFF it. The first meaning, I will try to pick higher protein options when going out to eat if I know my protein is low, or something like that. It isn’t exact but I’m not going AWOL either. And when I say EFF it, I don’t mean that I’m just eating everything in sight…but…I also just eat whatever I want. Like, I won’t overdo it to the point where I feel sick to my stomach but if I want pizza for lunch, and then a burger & fries for dinner, plus ice cream after then I do it. I don’t sweat it.

This mindset is usually fine because, well, it’s vacation and it’s an exception to my normal routine. However, lately I’ve been traveling a lot. It seems like between my bachelorette party, wedding, honeymoon, and this recent trip that my eating habits while travelling are becoming more frequent. And while I’m not stressing about it, I also don’t want to get into a habit of being complacent with my eating habits. So, that leads me to my plan for the next two weeks!

I didn’t want to do anything extreme to the point where I’d be miserable, but I did want to challenge myself some and get my butt back into gear! So a few key points/things that I going to focus on. One being is cutting out added sugar. Now, I’m not being super strict about this…and to be honest, my sugar intake is already pretty low (~40-70g per day). However, I think that my focusing on eating more foods without added sugar that will be a nice change of pace for me. I’m still going to eat my yogurt, but no ice cream or mini chocolate chips on my PB and toast for the next two weeks. Over vacation, I was eating ice cream like 2x a day so I think I’m a little “sugar-ed” out for now lol. My second thing was going to be focusing on eating more non-processed foods, but according to Google that consists of basically anything packaged (even fruits and veggies) ?! Soooo LOL let’s just say I’m going to focus on eating a more balanced diet with fruits and veggies. I need to get better about that anyway (I get lazy sometimes hehe), so this will be a good way to start working on that. Oh, and no alcohol. My casual drinking has gotten to be a little more than casual #whoops. I mean, that happens when you travel. But yeah, no glasses of rosé until then. Instead, I’ll be aiming for 2L of water each day.

So as you can see, this really isn’t a cleanse at all lol. This is more just me taking a break from the sweets/sugars and trying to focus more on eating my fruits and veggies. I mean, that hasn’t been my norm for a while, so I have to start somewhere! xx

What do you guys do when you feel like you need a reset? I’d love to hear it!

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2 thoughts on “A Post Vacation Cleanse

  1. Could you share what recipes you might have for lunch while on this cleanse? I want to strive for the same next week, so I have to prepare my grocery list lol.

    1. For lunch I’ll have salads with things like sprouts, cucumbers, tomatoes, avocado, grilled chicken or turkey. Basically buying more protein & veggies this week!

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