Honeymoon in Tulum

So today I’m going to do a recap of our honeymoon in Tulum, Mexico. I’ll be going over everything we did, what we thought of Tulum, recommendations if you’re going there, and of course lots of photos 😉

When choosing our honeymoon spot, we didn’t have anywhere in particular that we wanted to go to. We did know we wanted to go somewhere relatively easy to get to and where we could just relax. We were thinking Europe, but we want to go there when we had a couple weeks of vacation time available. Plus, when you’re in Europe you want to go see everything! We wanted somewhere where we could just “do nothing” it we wanted.

So, how did we choose Tulum? Well apparently it’s an Instagrammers heaven! Or so I heard after we booked our trip lol, but that was just a lucky coincidence. Honestly, I googled boutique hotels in Mexico, and Mi Amor (where we stayed) was one of the options that came up. The photos looked absolutely beautiful and the reviews were outstanding. Plus, our honeymoon was only 3 weeks away and we still hadn’t booked anything (whoops), so we figured, lets do it!

We flew from NC to Houston and then to Cancun. After that, it was an hour and a half ride from there to Tulum (we had the hotel arrange a taxi for us). Upon arriving to the hotel, it was even more beautiful than the photos. It was so gorgeous and just serene. There are only like 13 rooms and it was adult only, so it was very peaceful and private. Also, the customer service there was incredible. The nicest people and just so willing to make your stay as great as possible.

Entrance of Mi Amor

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Private cabanas that overlooked the ocean

Gorgeous right? Like, I said, it was a very private hotel, and since it was on the rocky part of the beach, no one had access to our cabanas or that area unless you were actually staying at the hotel. Our room was just as beautiful as the main area. We were on the second floor and had an outdoor balcony that overlooked the ocean.


Our hotel was located on the main road in Tulum that had a lot of other hotels, boutiques, restaurants and bars. It was a very safe area where you could walk freely or grab a taxi. Every day was a little bit different but for the most part we stayed in the area whether it was at the hotel or somewhere along the main road.
Every morning started out about the same. Our hotel wasn’t all inclusive, but breakfast was included in the stay, and it was AH-MAZING. Honestly, all the food we had on this trip was incredible. Stephen and I were saying that all of our meals were some of the best we’ve had in a long time (and while some restaurants were a little pricey, everything was very reasonable for the most part)! But, back to breakfast. Each morning we would have breakfast at the hotel which included (per person):  mimosas, coffee, fresh squeezed juice, appetizer/starter, and an entrée.

Prior to arriving at our hotel, we thought we would be spending a lot more time there. Once we got there and saw all the other hotels and restaurants though, we definitely ventured out more. Mi Amor is part of the Colibri Boutique Hotels, and they have several other locations in Tulum. One of their other locations, La Zebra, was about a 10 minute drive down the main road. We also had access to their beach area so we ended up spending two afternoons there. We loved the intimacy of our hotel, but La Zebra was great since it was right on the water and had the sandy beaches.


Suit from Abercrombie; Hat from Michael Stars
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Sunglasses Quay Australia; Swimsuit Rip Curl

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Two of the days we decided to venture away from the hotel(s). The third day we were there we decided to go see the Coba Mayan Ruins and the cenotes. The cenotes were definitely cooler than the ruins in my opinion, but I’m glad we did both. It was a good change of scenery to get away from the hotel for a day, and climbing the ruins and swimming in the cenotes was quite the workout! There were group tours for both, but the hotel suggested doing a private tour. It was a little more expensive, but it paid for all of our tickets to the cenotes and ruins, and a traditional Mayan lunch. Plus, we got to move at our own pace and have our own personal photographer–the tour guide’s words, not mine 😉

Stephen forgot a hat…thank god the tour guide had an extra!! LOL
Inside one of the cenotes

So yeah, our days basically consisted of laying out by the beach, or travelling to the ruins/cenotes, or going into “town.” We only went into town once and we will just say it was very short lived haha. We rented bikes and it was about a 20 minute ride. I’ll just say, there isn’t much to see! The only upside was that Stephen & I found a naturally made Opal ring for me (it’s my birthstone and he wanted to give me one as a wedding present). But otherwise, there wasn’t much to do/see!
At night, we would usually start by having happy hour at our hotel. From 5-7pm they had 2 for 1 drinks and they were delicious! All the drinks here were so fresh and had very little sugar. All the juices were freshly squeezed and the other ingredients (chili, basil, ginger, etc) made the drinks extra delicious. My favorites were mezcal with passion fruit & chili, and vodka with watermelon & basil. SO GOOD.

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After happy hour, we would grab a taxi (they constantly ran up & down the street) and take it to one of the nearby restaurants. The Hartwood & Kitchen Table were two recommendations that we were given for popular restaurants. We didn’t make it to Hartwood & The Kitchen Table was closed while we were there, but those are two good recommendations if you’re visiting Tulum! All of the restaurants we went to though did not disappoint. We went to the Mezzanine (thai food) and Mina (if you like meat!) and both were good. Two of my absolute favorites though were Posada Margherita and Gitano. Posada Margherita was an Italian restaurant, I know, Italian in Mexico, I thought the same thing lol. But let me tell you, I’ve been to Italy and this pasta was just as good! Not kidding. It’s handmade pasta that is made fresh per order. Honestly one of the best meals I’ve had in a long time. I’m still craving that pasta! Gitano was really good as well. They are a mezcal restaurant/bar that is located in the jungle basically. For an entrée, Stephen and I split the porkbelly and oh-my-gawd. So good!!

Some of the local boutiques
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Some of the local boutiques

Overall, I would highly recommend Tulum! It was such a cute area filled with amazing restaurants, ice cream stands, bars, boutiques…and the beaches were gorgeous!! The sand was so white and the water was so blue and calm. It was perfect for swimming in. Also, I’m not sure if it was less crowded since we went in June but there was barely anyone on the beach. You can probably tell in some of our pictures that we basically had the beach to ourselves. Hopefully this blog was somewhat helpful and gave you guys some insight to what Tulum has to offer.

Have any of you guys been to Tulum? I’d love to hear your thoughts! I would definitely go back in a heartbeat. Girls trip or 5 year anniversary?!

Homemade ice cream truck we found!


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6 thoughts on “Honeymoon in Tulum

  1. Finally just got a chance to read this! Husband and I are currently planning our trip there in late October! All we have booked so far are our flights, lol. We’re thinking of doing a couple nights further north in Playa Del Carmen and then doing a couple nights down in Tulum so we can experience a few places.
    Did you have any issues with mosquitoes/bugs in Tulum? I react really badly to bug bites, so that’s one of my big concerns being in the jungle-y areas!

    1. Yes! definitely go to Tulum for a few nights for sure. And Stephen gets bitten a lot too, but he said the first few days we were there he was surprised because he wasn’t getting bitten at all! He ended up getting some later on in the trip but he said it was overall less buggy than most places. Hope this helps?! Xx

      1. So I’m not sure of the actual name of the street our hotel was on, but any hotel along that main road is safe/a good location! And definitely do the cenotes if you can!

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