Engagement Photos 1 Week Before “I do”

Ah, the past couple weeks have just been non stop! Between the days leading up to the wedding, the wedding itself, and the honeymoon its just been go-go-go. But, before I dive into a blog covering our honeymoon in Tulum, I promised I’d share more of these “engagement” photos with you guys! Plus, seems more appropriate to share these before the honeymoon, right?

So, Stephen and I never got “real” engagement photos as after a few months of being engaged, I fainted, and broke my jaw. Yeah, having your jaw wired shut and knocking out a lot of your teeth doesn’t really make for good engagement photos, ya know? Overall, the engagement photos were not high on the priority list lol. But lucky for us, Stephanie, who is the photographer for a lot of my collaborations, asked if she could shoot Stephen and I for her summer sessions. We of course said, sure! Hence, the engagement type photos 1 week before our wedding.





We met Stephanie about an hour before sunset at a lake nearby. This was a great idea on her part as I love that so many of these images ended up being shot during “golden hour.” The lighting was really incredible!


I’ll also be the first one to say–taking these kind of photos are a little awkward! Lol, not awkward like embarrassing, but you would think I would be have been much better behind the camera given all the photos for IG. Stephanie kept making jokes that when it’s just her and I shooting, I am very much “in the zone” and with Stephen I couldn’t stop laughing haha. I mean, when someone tells you to “almost kiss, but don’t actually do it, and then hold it.” Its kind of a weird thing! Maybe that’s just me??!!




Overall, it was a really fun night! Stephanie is really fun to work with…she always kept us laughing through our awkwardness lol. And obviously now I’m super happy we have these photos! Now we just have to decide which ones we want to get printed! Do you guys have any favorites?!

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