Fake Eyelashes: What You Need to Know


After posting this photo the other day, I got a lot of questions about my lashes! I know, it’s a pretty dramatic difference right? Lol. I started getting fake lashes about 6 months ago and have been pretty obsessed ever since. For months prior I debated getting them because I knew if I did I’d be hooked (and I was right, I am). But I finally decided to go for it as they looked so beautiful on my girlfriends that had them. Also, the lashes really speak for themselves (clearly) so you don’t have to wear any other eye makeup which is super convenient.

So, let’s cover some of the basic questions I’ve been asked.

Do I apply them myself? Hell no! I mean, I wish I was that talented. But, no, I go to an eyelash studio (is that what you would call it?) and they apply them for me. They apply a fake lash to each individual lash of mine using an adhesive. The first application takes about 2 hours. After this, I go back about every 3 weeks to get them refilled/touched up. This takes about 45 minutes to an hour.

What is the upkeep like? The salon will tell you that 2x a day you need to gently wash/pat them with a foaming soap and water. Well, I did this originally and I felt like they just fell out more quickly (that’s probably why they tell you to do it!) So, I stopped doing that lol. I literally to not touch mine. I mean, DO NOT TOUCH THEM. Like, in the shower, my face does not get wet, nor do I wash my face over the sink. I just wash my face with a washcloth or with a cleansing wipe. The only time I touch them is if they get a little “tangled.” I take the clean mascara brush that I have and just gently brush them out. If I do wear eye makeup, I just use a Q-tip with makeup remover along my eyelid.

Are they expensive? Mmmm. Define expensive? Yes, they are a little pricey in my opinion. Including tip, I spend about $75 a month on them. For this reason, I don’t get manicures and pedicures because something needed to give. I didn’t need to be spending that much money on myself. Plus, Stephen would probably kill me 😉 So, yes, it’s an indulgence but it’s not hundreds of dollars a month. Plus, this of all the money you save in mascara?! (It was worth a try).

Do you put mascara on your lashes? Nope! How they are in the photo is how they come. I never put anything extra on them.

What style lashes do I get? When you go to the salon, there are 4 different “styles” …or at least that’s how it is where I go! They are called: cute, natural, gorgeous and sexy. And can either be short, medium or long in length. I get the gorgeous style with medium length. This is just what they recommended for my eye shape and I love them!

Do they damage your lashes and/or do you need to take breaks from getting them? It is my understanding that if they lashes are applied correctly then your natural ones shouldn’t be damaged. I just took a week break after getting them for just over 6 months (photo above), and my lashes were not patchy or damaged. I will say they looked shorter than when I first had the fake ones applied, so maybe your lashes don’t grow as much with the fake ones on? But in any event, there weren’t any spots missing–they just looked sad in comparison to having the fake ones LOL.

In regards to taking breaks, I’ve had some friends have theirs from 1-5 years and have never taken a break from them! My stylist recommended taking a week long break every 6 months or so to just give your lashes some time to “breathe.” She said it’s not necessary but just think if you wore makeup all the time and never washed your face. So, to each their own!

Hope this helped answer some of the questions regarding the falsies! If I missed anything, let me know in the comments and ill be sure to answer!

18 thoughts on “Fake Eyelashes: What You Need to Know

  1. It sounds like Amazing Lash. I loved them and found a great stylist. After 3 months, I decided to take a break. I did notice the ends of my eyelashes were broken. No patches but noticeable to me. I’m quite sad to not have extensions but need to use latisse for a bit.

    1. Yep! I mentioned in my post that of I wear eyeliner and/or eye shadow that I just use a q-tip with makeup remover. I just am gentle along the lash line!! But definitely don’t need mascara

  2. Hi C! Thanks for sharing. I guess this will be your first summer with your lashes. How do you think they’ll hold up in pools / ocean? I’m considering getting them but plan to be in the water a lot this summer!

    1. Hey! Someone else just asked this and I had to tell them the same thing–I’m not sure! I never get mine wet and have never had them during the summer months so I’m not sure how they hold up in the water. My guess is you would just have to get them done more frequently!

  3. Hi Claire!

    I was just wondering how they hold up when doing activities such as swimming? I am going on a two week vacation and wanted to get them but am worried that they’ll fall out while I’m there as we’ll be doing a lot of swimming and water activities.


    1. Eeeeek. I actually don’t know 🙈I never get mine wet even in the shower so I don’t know how they hold up! Even when I went to Jamaica I didn’t get my hair/eyelashes wet so I’m afraid I don’t have a very useful answer!! Lol

    1. I did a couple times but more like waves splashed me in the face, I never submerged my head 😂 the waves in the face were fine though!! Lol

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