Montego Bay, Jamaica

As most of you probably know, last week I visited Jamaica with Ali, a girlfriend of mine. This trip was kind of spur of the moment. I just asked her one day, “Hey, do you want to take a trip somewhere warm soon?” and she was like, “Sure!” So, we planned a trip!

We didn’t know exactly where we wanted to go, but we narrowed it down to a few tropical locations. We ended up deciding on Montego Bay for a few reasons. We found reasonable flights to Jamaica, plus the flight is less than three hours from the states. Also, Montego Bay is only a few minutes from the airport so that was super convenient. Lastly, we found a really good deal on hotwire for this all inclusive resort (which didn’t really end up working out like thought, but that’s neither here nor there 😉 )

The all inclusive resort we stayed at was really beautiful. I am sometimes hesitant about all inclusive resorts versus like a boutique hotel. One of the main reasons is the food, if I’m being honest! I feel like the food at all inclusive resorts is never as good as if you stay somewhere that is not all inclusive. But, in this case the food was good–not amazing, but definitely not bad by any means. So, that ended up working out just fine. Otherwise, the property itself was very nice as were our rooms (the ocean view didn’t hurt either).

Prior to the trip we decided that we just wanted to relax–meaning, we probably wouldn’t do many excursions. And honestly, after working five 13 hour shifts in a row, that is the only thing I needed. Doing absolutely nothing never felt so good lol. One thing that we did choose to do though was workout. We both didn’t want to just completely indulge and come back feeling “blah” so we made working out a priority. A little bit of normal routine while on vacay never hurts. Each morning we had our little routine. We woke up around 6:30 or 7 (I know, we’re weird) and would go to this cute little café where we grabbed coffees and pastries prior to working out. See, we would workout but eat croissants and Danishes beforehand, balance on vacation, yanno? So yeah, we would get our caffeine and pastry fix and then workout for about 35-45 minutes, then we had the rest of the day to do absolutely nothing! Really each day we would just lay out by the pool, tan, have some tropical cocktails, hydrate, grab lunch, and then repeat until about 4pm. Around then we would head back to our hotel room to shower and get ready for dinner. We’d have dinner plus 1-2 more cocktails and would be back in the room by 10pm ready for bed (after a self tanning session of course…for those who saw my IG story you know exactly what I’m talking about 😉 ) Haha, but needless to say we are kind of grandma’s but thoroughly enjoyed our routine. It’s always the best when you go on vacation with someone who is totally on the same page with the day to day activities. Honestly, that was pretty much how our vacation went, there wasn’t really much else to it. Just some good R&R. I’ll let the photos speak for the rest!

Swimsuit Beach Bunny Swim; Cover up Amazon; Sunglasses Marc Jacobs
Tank top Free People; Pants Ann Taylor; Shoes BCBG; Necklaces Brooklyn Grace Jewelry; Clutch Louis Vuitton
Swimsuit Beach Bunny Swim; Necklace Brooklyn Grace Jewelry; Sunglasses Diff Eyewear
Entire outfit from Alala; click photo to go to site. Code “CLAIRE15” for discount
Jumpsuit Impeccable Pig Boutique; Sandals Steve Madden; Bag Gucci; Necklace Free People
Tank top Free People; Pants Ann Taylor; Shoes BCBG
Shirt and shorts American Eagle; sandals Steve Madden; necklace Brooklyn Grace Jewelry
Top Hallelu Boutique; Shorts American Eagle; Sandals Sam Edelman; Sunglasses Diff Eyewear; Hat American Eagle; Necklace Brooklyn Grace Jewelry; Water bottle BKR

All in all, we had a pretty amazing trip. It was so nice to get away and the weather was literally perfect the entire time. Now, more than ever I am looking forward to the next beach trip which will be my bachelorette party in June! But until then I’ll just have to live vicariously through these photos!

4 thoughts on “Montego Bay, Jamaica

  1. What an amazing experience! I’ve heard Jamaica is a country worth visiting! I’m obsessed with your black swimsuit!! Thanks for sharing your experience, C!!!

  2. Hey Claire! I was so in love with the Brooklyn Grace star necklace that I ordered it! It has been 3 weeks since then and I still have not received it. Do you remember their shipping times being longer than they stated? I’ve written to them multiple times with no answer. SO strange, right? Thanks! – @babysneaker (Michelle Richards)

    1. Hey girl!! I’m not sure about the shipping times because my fiancé got me those pieces for xmas…but 3 weeks plus no response from them is really strange! If I’m able to get in touch with anyone from there I’ll let you know though. I’m sorry!!! I wish I had a better answer

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