Current Workout Regimen

Alright guys, today I am going to give you a run down of my current workouts. It’s not anything too fancy or complicated but here you go!

Most of you probably know that for the past year I have been following Paola Marquez’s Strong & Sexy Body Method (S2BM). I met Paola (@paosfitworld) through IG and she was my resource for starting to count macros and becoming more knowledgeable about weight training. I guess you can say that I really liked the results I got because I have been counting macros and following her weight training guide ever since!

So, to answer your questions about my weekly workouts. The answer is that I pretty much follow S2BM (I’ll explain what I mean by ‘pretty much’ in a second). The guide is mostly weight training with some plyometrics. You can get a free week of workouts from her site, but the break down goes something like this:
-Monday: Biceps, Triceps, Abs
-Tuesday: Full Body
-Wednesday: Legs
-Thursday: Full Body
-Friday: Shoulders & Back
-Saturday: LISS
-Sunday: Rest

There is some variation throughout the weeks of course, but that is the gist of it. So, for about 10 months I followed her guide exactly. The only thing I would modify was my weight amount as I would move through the guide again. Aka the first time I did the guide, I may have done 10 lb dumbbells for some exercises, and the second time around I did 15 lbs.

Within the past month and a half or so, I have been switching things up a little bit! I told Paola that I really wanted to grow my legs and butt more so we increased my carb intake and added 2 heavy weighted leg days plus three 45 minute stair master sessions per week. Usually if you want to put on a significant amount of muscle you need to do a bulk (eating in a surplus), however, with my bachelorette party and wedding coming up I didn’t want to commit 3 months minimum to eating in such a surplus. I’ll wait until post wedding for that, and preferably not the summer when I’m in a swimsuit! Lol. However, in order to put on any amount of muscle that would help build up my legs and butt, extra carbs and weights were essential.

Now that you have the breakdown of my weighted workouts, lets talk about the cardio portion aka hell on the stair master. The reason I increased my cardio by a decent amount was because I am eating more! Yes, I am using those excess carbs to help build my muscle but with excess carbs usually comes a little more body fat. So, in order to kind of balance this out I started doing the stair master 3x a week (2x are after weighted leg days and the other day is just a cardio session by itself). The stair master is also my go-to form of cardio because while burning fat it simultaneously helps build up your leg and booty muscles. So while its basically pure 45 minutes of torture, I have my reasons for doing it!

The actual stair-master workout I do is pretty simple, but IMO it helps break up the monotony of it, and in turn makes the time on it go by faster. I usually do a speed of 9-10 (sometimes only 7 if it’s after weights and my legs are dying, and sometimes 12 if its just on my cardio day. I just kind of play it by ear). Okay, so here is the break down from the first 5 minutes through 45 minutes:
-5 minutes: walking forwards
-5 minutes: walking sideways
-5 minutes: walking sideways (opposite side)
-5 minutes: walking backwards
(Jump off treadmill for about a minute to rest)
-5 minutes: walking forwards, skipping 1 step + kickback w/ each leg
-5 minutes: walking sideways
-5 minutes: walking sideways (opposite side)
-5 minutes: walking backwards
-5 minutes: walking forward (decrease speed & use as cool down)

One last thing! Always do weight training before cardio. Cardio depletes your glycogen more quickly and so if you do cardio before weights, you wont be able to lift as heavy or do as many reps. Doing 5 minutes of cardio to warm up prior to weights is fine, but as far as your actual cardio session, always do it after weights if you’re doing them on the same day.

Oh, and I guess one more thing. Since I am doing an extra leg day, I usually just end up doing 1 full body session a week, and the other full body is replaced by a leg session. However,  I always make sure to leave 2 full days in between each leg sessions. When you are doing an intense workout of a particular body part you want to make sure you leave enough time for it to rest aka repair and built the muscle you tore–this is the only way for your muscles to grow!

As always, leave any questions or comments and I’ll do my best to answer them! xx

19 thoughts on “Current Workout Regimen

  1. What are other good sources of protein if you can’t have any dairy? Greek yogurt used to help me so much with getting protein along with cottage cheese! Now I’m stuck on what to have besides meat and whey protein.

    1. hmm, egg whites are a great option! I am trying to think of other sources besides meat and dairy. There are always nuts and protein bars as well. sorry I know that isn’t very helpful! but eggwhites are a great source. I eat those and veggie sausage or turkey bacon a lot for breakfast

    1. hi, I do not carb cycle at all! and I usually don’t share specifc macros because they are so different for everyone but right now I am eating around 80 carbs more than I normally do to help build some more muscle

  2. Thanks for this, it’s really helpful 🙂 When you say you leave 2 full days between leg sessions, do you mean you do legs on say, Monday & Thursday, or Monday & Wednesday? Thank youuuu!!

  3. I am so impressed you can do all this as a nurse!!! I am one too (used to work at UNC) and most shifts leave me too exhausted to work out after!

  4. Hi Claire!! So in your IG live today, you said you’d only do weights three times a week, but here you’re saying you do weights 5 times a week. Does it just vary? Also if I want to follow a schedule more like that (3-4 days weights, 2-3 days cardio) or if I want to vary at all from Paola’s guide, should I get my macros recalculated? Thanks!!

    1. hey! good question. I should clarify. So at the time, I had my macros recalculated to gain more muscle so I was eating more carbs, hence I was doing extra heavy weight training days on top of my cardio days. In general, your macros are calculated based on the numbers of hours you workout per week plus your goal (maintaining weight, losing weight, or gaining weight/muscle). So unless you want your overall goal changed then you don’t need your macros recalculated as long as your hours per week of exercise stay the same. Hope this makes sense?!

  5. Hiya! Sorry a few months late! You said when you’ve upped your carb intake and added two heavy leg sessions you also add three 45 min stair sessions. Does that mean two are after weight workouts and one is your entire LISS workout? Or three after workouts plus separate day of LISS? Just curious because I’m doing a similar routine to grow my leggies!

    1. Hey!! So what you first said! I️ did 2 heavy weight days and after each of those workouts I️ would do the stairmaster for 45 min. And then on one another day I️ would just do LISS (the stairmaster again) for 45 min 😊

  6. Hi! I️ am seriously considering buying the strong and sexy fit guide, however I️ am a broke student in nursing school and it’s a big investment for me right now! I️ really want to get back in shape, so I️ want to make sure you think the guide is 100% worth it and you got results! Thanks!

    1. I️ am really out of shape right now too, so I️ want to make sure it’s something for beginners that I️ can start and not have to worry about injuries bc it’s too intense or something like that!

      1. hi!! So I think the guide is definitely worth it! I’ve been following it for 2 years now and have been super happy with my results 🙂 The guide is also easy to follow because each exercise has a video linked to it so you can see exactly how to do it. There is also an at-home guide included as well if you ever can’t make it to the gym. Hope this helps!!

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