Effortless Waves: A How To

Hey loves!!

So I was super excited to do this post on giving a “how-to” for my hair waves  for two reasons. One because A) you guys requested it, and I want to blog about things you genuinely want to know more about and B) it’s something non fitness related! I think we all know I love fitness and health topics but I am also a totally girly-girl. I mean, believe it or not, I am not always at the gym or in gym clothes 😉

That being said! The video above gives a walk through of how I get, IMO, loose and effortless waves. I apologize in advance if I gave too many details but I figured you can always fast forward if you are getting bored of me! Also, below are links to all the products I used. And as always, if you have any questions or comments, leave ’em! xx

Ghd classic styler flat iron
Moroccan Oil hair spray
Moroccan Oil



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  1. Hey lovely lady! Thanks for sharing some helpful tips! (I usually end up looking like Thomas Jefferson when I attempt the curling iron😜) I’m excited to give this a try! Beautiful blog btw!

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