My Top 10 Shake + Smoothie Recipes

As some of you may know, I am coming to the end of my liquids era (whoo)!! However, I’ve definitely found some really good smoothie/shake recipes along the way. I made sure to save the recipes for all my favorites; some are nice and “clean”, while others are more decadent.

*For every recipe I added a little crushed iced (1/4 cup approx.) and a splash of water. I used a nutribullet for each shake although I’m sure other blenders would work too! Also! At the end of all the recipes I have listed easy ways to decrease the overall calories, carbs, and fats. Keep in mind that these were my only source of nutrients throughout the day so the recipes are large; that being said, you can definitely cut these recipes in half. But keep reading below for other easy ways to decrease the overall calories & macros.


  1. PB & J Smoothie (472cal/57C/14F/36P)
    -5 oz egg whites (yes, you can eat egg whites raw!)
    -4 oz. blueberry yogurt (noosa brand)
    -4 oz. strawberry rhubarb yogurt (noosa brand)
    -70 g frozen blueberries
    -70 g frozen strawberries
    -18 g PB2
  2. Lemon Mango Protein Smoothie (great for breakfast!) (334cal/36C/10F/25P)
    -2 oz lemon yogurt (noosa brand)
    -2 oz plain non-fat greek yogurt
    -5o g avocado
    -70 g frozen mango
    -8 g agave
  3. Acai Smoothie (or Bowl) (355cal/48C/13F/16P)
    -5 oz Acai Juice
    -70 g frozen mangos
    -2 oz blueberry yogurt (noosa brand)
    -4 oz plain non-fat greek yogurt
    -55 g avocado
    -(add some frozen blueberries to get that pretty purple color!)
  4. Vanilla Banana Protein Shake (424cal/52C/7F/41P)
    -60 g Slow Churned Edy’s Ice cream (vanilla)
    -100 g frozen bananas
    -3 oz g plain non-fat greek yogurt
    -30 g vanilla protein powder (women’s best brand)
    -5 oz 1% milk
  5. Coffee Chocolate Chip Shake (321cal/45C/10F/15P)
    -5 oz Café Latte (califia farms brand)
    -1 oz egg whites
    -50 g coffee chocolate chip gelato (talenti brand)
    -3 oz plain non-fat greek yogurt
    -80 g frozen bananas
  6. Classic PB Chocolate Shake (295cal/46C/4F/25P)
    -30 g chocolate protein powder
    -2 oz plain non-fat greek yogurt
    -4 oz 1% milk
    -15 g PB2
    -95 g frozen bananas
  7. Banana Fig Smoothie (333cal/50C/6F/18P)
    -80 g frozen bananas
    -2 soft dried figs
    -3 oz egg whites
    -3 oz lemon yogurt (noosa brand)
    -3 oz 1% milk


  8. Butterfinger Shake (634cal/106C/21P/17F)
    -120 g Slow Churned Edy’s Ice cream (chocolate, vanilla or fudge tracks)
    -6 oz 1% milk
    -2 0z plain non-fat greek yogurt
    -30 g butterfinger (half the bar)
    -165 g frozen bananas
  9. Sea Salt Caramel Protein Shake (620cal/92C/14F/36P)
    -10 oz iced espresso caramel macchiato (starbucks brand)
    -100 g sea salt caramel gelato (talenti brand)
    -3.5 g plain non-fat greek yogurt
    -5 oz egg whites
    -95 g frozen bananas
  10. Key Lime Mint Shake (582 calories/93C/16F/21p)
    -3 oz plain non-fat greek yogurt
    -140g frozen mango
    -100g key lime gelato (talenti brand)
    -6 oz. 2% milk
    -1 York peppermint pattie

-Ways to decrease the calories/macros-
•Cut the recipes in half– these recipes are large!
•Use skim milk, almond, cashew or soy milk
•For flavored yogurts, choose a non fat brand
•Instead of talenti ice cream, use slow churned Edy’s ice cream (only 3g F and 15g C per serving)

Let me know if you try any!! Hope you guys enjoy!! xx


8 thoughts on “My Top 10 Shake + Smoothie Recipes

      1. I usually eat cashew yogurt by Forager which is amazing. I just didn’t know if you aimed for a specific ratio in carbs and proteins with your yogurt or milk selections. Thanks for the great content & the reply! 🤗

    1. I actually don’t really use protein powder anymore, which is crazy haha. I haven’t used it in like a year 🙈 ON, Elite, and muscle pharm are some good options!

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