Why do we care so much about the number?

Recent weight loss post jaw surgery
130 lbs progress
Pre jaw surgery. Same weight from 2014 (left) to 2016 (right)

Alright, guys. I want to touch on some recent posts of mine regarding, dun dun dun, THE SCALE. To give some quick background on the first photo though regarding the (unwanted) weight loss–last week I posted this photo on Instagram (@cguentz.gofit) showing the recent weight loss I’ve had due to my all liquid diet. To be fair though, I shouldn’t really blame the liquids. I lost about 10 lbs. within the initial 4-5 days of falling and having my jaw wired shut. Once I was feeling up to eating though, enough time had passed of being in such a caloric deficit that I had already lost 10 lbs.

So, now that some background is out of the way, let’s talk about “the scale.” Honestly, I didn’t even own a scale until about 3 weeks ago; the only reason I bought one was because I needed to recalculate my macros. I mean, THAT is how little I care about the scale lol. And really, the only reason I thought to weigh myself after my surgery was because I knew that given the circumstances weight loss was possible; I wanted to make sure that if I was losing weight that I started eating enough to counteract it. Anyway, with all that said, you can see how little I take my actual weight into account.

In general, I really do forget that so many people get hung up on what that number on the scale reads. I mean, I guess I’ve never really understood why the number matters so much? It’s just not something that is on my radar. Why do I care how much the scale says I weigh when I like what I see in the mirror? But seriously, guys. Why?! Unfortunately though, it is an issue that is dwelled on, which is one reason I wanted to talk about these posts more; I really wanted to help emphasize that the number on the scale does NOT matter. And, if you’re still not jumping on board with the above mentality and you want “hard proof” that the number doesn’t matter, just look at the two pictures above. If anything, since I’ve lost the 10 lbs, I don’t look any leaner or more defined. In fact, I look leaner and more defined at the higher weight because I have more lean muscle. To go even further, compare the two pictures when my weight was 130 lbs. Same exact weight, two totally different body compositions.

And last but not least. In general, no one will ever know or care about the number on the scale but YOU. No one is going around asking people, “Hey, so how much do you weigh?” And if anyone were to ever ask that….um what? Yeah, BYE. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life #justsaying

My two cents is this. I don’t really think owning a scale is that important, especially if you’re someone who tends to fixate on that number. I think what’s important is that you are at a healthy weight for your height, exercising regularly, overall nourishing your body with healthy food, and most importantly, that YOU feel good about yourself and feel confident 🙂



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