The Cat Eye Struggle

First off. Eek. I’ve been a horrible at keeping up with my blog. But better to update late than never, so here we go…

thin line

Okay, we’ve all been there before. You have 15 minutes to do your makeup and you think, “I’ll just do a cat eye really quick.” Wrong. If you girls are anything like me, I start off with the mindset of “I’ll just do something subtle….a thin line” and then by the end you have a dramatic cat eye ready to go for a night out at the club.

Luckily, I feel like I have found a solution to this problem! (Either that, or my hand has gotten steadier over the months, but that’s doubtful). Per earlier post, you guys know I’m a big fan of benefit they’re real mascara, well this is the same product line but a liner. It’s a push up liner that has a slanted felt tip for an applicator (pictured below) so I feel like it’s a lot easier to perfect that cat eye we all want.

Benefit They're Real! push-up liner

Below are some pictures of the liner itself and how I have it applied. Also, as a disclaimer. I have had a couple friends that have tried it and it’s not their favorite. One friend said she likes a super thin line and didn’t feel like this product was best for it (I have to disagree though!) and another girlfriend of mine said sometimes she has pieces that flake off during the day (I have never had this problem). So, for whatever its worth, I figured I’d give you girls as much details as possible!

Oh, and the liner is now offered in four different colors in addition to black. So, if you like some color in your makeup pallet there ya go!

face 1face 2









face 3face 4

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