Hair Care: The Essentials

Leave In Conditioner + Moroccan Oil
Leave In Conditioner + Moroccan Oil

During the summer, a lot of days can be spent by the pool or the beach. While this is great, I know that the sun and chlorine can definitely take a toll on my hair. These are two of my favorite go-to hair products. I tend to use them year round but find that I definitely need them more during the summer to keep my hair hydrated, tangle-free, and silky!

I prefer Moroccan oil, but really any kind will work. Argan oil is another type that is commonly used for hair as well. Neither of them will leave your hair greasy like some other types of oils. For the Moroccan oil though, a little bit goes a long way so even though it’s a little more expensive, it lasts forever! I have really long and thick hair and only use 1 small pump after each hair wash. If you have finer hair, there is also a Moroccan oil light available.

In addition to the Moroccan oil, I really like the soy tri-wheat leave in conditioner by healthy sexy hair (pictured is the travel size). It’s a 10 miracle leave in conditioner is another good product, but it’s a little more expensive. Plus, I’ve found healthy sexy hair brands at TJ maxx and Marshalls before so it’s even cheaper! So, no complaints there.

Hopefully these are some helpful ideas of what to add to your hair care routine! xx


4 thoughts on “Hair Care: The Essentials

  1. Claire, I have not tried the Moroccan oil, but can endorse the It’s a 10 Leave-in-Conditioner, it really does hydrate my hair and works well for people with a multi-racial background. I will certainly try the Moroccan oil to see if it will add any extra value. Thanks for the tip. Love the Blog

    1. Thanks Trish! Yeah the it’s a 10 works pretty well on its own, but sometimes I need a little extra so I use the Moroccan oil too 🙂 glad to know you’ve had a good experience with it as well!

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