The Benefits of Benefit Mascara

I sometimes forget that not every blog post needs to be a novel (I mean, who has time to read through all of that anyway)? Granted, sometimes a long post is necessary but other times short and to the point is best. Also, when you have a week full of exams, a shorter post is just easier, lets be honest.

Anyway, we’re talking about mascara today. Basically, I’ve tried my fair share of mascara throughout the years but Benefit’s They’re Real mascara has really impressed me. After using it for several months I switched back to my usual MAC mascara for some reason. And while I love MAC products, looking back, Benefit’s mascara really does stand out. It’s a little more expensive than a drug store brand, but at $23 I still feel like it’s worth it. Everyday I at least wear mascara and fill in my brows (obviously) so I feel like mascara is a product worth investing in. Needless to say, after trying the full gamut of mascaras, I will be switching back to and staying with They’re Real!

You can read more about the mascara here but below are some pictures with me just wearing the mascara– no primers, no eyelash curler necessary! Also, I know that my upper lid could be “cleaner” looking, but this was a day where I just did my brows and put on some mascara and ran out the door! So, no judgments =D

FullSizeRender (6)FullSizeRender (7)

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