The Frank Effect


So after seeing this photo, you’re probably wondering one of two things “ummm, why is this girl taking a photo with dirt on her face?” or “oh, frank body scrub, I love that stuff!” Well, let me tell you. For months I had been seeing instagram photos posted with #thefrankeffect followed up with amazing reviews about this body scrub. So naturally, I had to jump on the bandwagon and see what all the hype was about.

After a strenuous gym workout with some of my girls yesterday, I decided that last night would be the perfect time to give my body some TLC. Normally, this would consist of a glass (glasses, plural, let’s be honest) of red wine, but since I am not drinking until spring break (another post for another time) this was not an option. So, what was the next best option? Trying out this scrub!

Anyone who knows me, knows my love for coffee. Well, this scrub is MADE from coffee (along with almond oil, water, salt, brown sugar, vitamins). Needless to say, after the aroma of coffee filling my bathroom I was pretty much sold. Aside from that, the other important part is how soft my skin is now. My skin gets fairly dry during the winter and while I use lotion, it usually doesn’t keep my skin soft for as long as I want it to. Well, 24 hours later my skin is still incredibly moisturized and smooth. I mean, it feels pretty amazing (I am now very tempted to try out their body balm). Also, today my friend told me that my face was glowing! So, I am attributing this to the scrub. Lastly, from the reviews I’ve read, it seems to really help people who may have scarring, eczema, or psoriasis. These are all pluses in my book.

Overall, I would definitely recommend seeing what #thefrankeffect is all about! You can check them out on instagram @frank_bod or with #thefrankeffect and #letsbefrank

#letsbefrank (from @frank_bod instagram)
#letsbefrank (from @frank_bod instagram)

xx claire

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