Brows. Need I Say More?

So I have to admit that I am obsessed with eyebrows. So much so, that, whenever I meet someone (a girl) they are one of the first things I notice. Don’t get me wrong though. I don’t mean this in a judgmental way, just that I really appreciate a good set of brows. I mean, when done correctly they can really make a huge difference for your face! Anyway, this may sound weird, but I know numerous girls that relate to this sentiment.

In any event, over the years I’ve gotten a compliment (or two) on my eyebrows. My favorite one was when I was at clinical for nursing school and a woman who worked in the hospital randomly approached me saying “girl, your brows are on point.” Random and hilarious, but hey, I love a good compliment as much as the next girl. Unfortunately though, my brows have not always been what they are today. Thinking back, I’m slightly mortified what my brows looked like before I discovered threading and the art of filling them in. I actually don’t really remember what they looked like per se, but I just think that’s because I’ve blocked it from my memory.

Okay, so on to the stuff you really care about: the best product(s) for a good brow. Here is the breakdown of ones I’ve tried:

1) MAC’s brow pencil in the shade lingering.
»Pros: Great with shaping & shading
»Cons: I feel like the product didn’t last very long and since it’s a “twist up” and not a pencil you sharpen, you can never tell how much is left. In other words, there was a constant worry that I would fill in one eyebrow and then the pencil would run out, leaving the other one…yeah you get the point.

2)Benefit brow zings in the light shade.
»Pros: It lasts a very long time (like 4 months give or take). Also, it’s a pigmented wax and powder duo which is great for shading and staying on all day.
»Cons: My problem with it though, is that you cannot shape your brows as well as you can with a pencil. I mean, you can, BUT, it takes me a lot longer than I want it to.

3) Anastasia brow pen in universal light. Results? Third product’s the charm.
»Pros: Texture is a good mix between the MAC and Benefit products. Application is quick. It allows for good shaping and shading (I do, however, still use the Benefit pigmented wax to slightly fill in the middle of my brows. I still have a lot of the product so I figure I should use it).
»Cons: Not sure how many applications it will last as I purchased this a couple weeks ago. Verdict is still out.

Below are some photos of how my brows turn out when I use the Anastasia and a little Benefit.  Also, a tip.  Always go a shade or two lighter than you think! Even though my eyebrows are dark, because of my hair color and other coloring, I opt for the “light” shades in Benefit and Anastasia and in general a lighter shade in MAC.

IMG_5138 (1)

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